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Thread: Why are most Anime fans such stereotypes?

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    Re: Why are most Anime fans such stereotypes?

    Quote Originally Posted by Priestess Angel View Post
    Ok, let’s see. When someone learns of anime sooner or later they are going to learn that anime originates from Japan. This usually sparks interest in the Japanese culture. Many like to try to understand the Japanese culture better so that they can understand anime better. Not to mention that some people like learning about other cultures. Anyway, as a result, many anime fans come to love the Japanese culture.

    If you watch anime, you are definitely going to run into your share of Japanese music. A lot of the music is good so it’s understandable if an anime fan also becomes a Japanese music fan.

    Why do many anime fans want to learn the Japanese language? Easy. Many fans prefer subtitled anime rather than dubbed. This usually encourages the fan to learn the language. The urge to learn the language is also sprouted from the interest in the culture. And it’s just cool to try and learn a different language.

    Many anime fans want to go to Japan because this is the country that has created one of the things that we love most dearly. This urge is also born of the interest in the culture. What better way to learn about the culture then visiting the place?

    But anyway not all anime fans fit all the criteria you just mentioned. Some of the ones you did mention is a very concentrated group of anime fans not the whole fan base so saying that all of them are is simply not true.

    I liked your explanation the most, it was very well thought out, and it pretty much says how i feel lol, and to add my bit in, i fit into alot of the types he mentioned but it is true many anime fans don't, and many only fit into some. But i know i certanally dont think japanes are the greatest or anything like that, i feel all are equal, and true i do like punk/goth but its not like i walk around in the whole atire all the time. I should note that i ave an interest in alot of cultures, and i enjoy much of the music from those cultures too, though most seem to be in asia or the pacific, i do like some european and african cultures too, along with some native american. well, thats all i can think of, ttfn.
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    Re: Why are most Anime fans such stereotypes?

    On that note, wouldn't you say that anime is a part of their general liking of the Japanese Culture, rather than "anime fans who worship japanese."?

    Some might have that aspect because they stepped back, took a look at their own culture and went "hmm, something's wrong with this lifestyle, it doesn't work for me, but this other one here does."

    That could go for anyone, say someone moves from Britain to America or Vice Versa because they don't like their own culture. I dunno, I always think there's more to it if someone likes a lot of stuff about a culture.

    *edit* some weird stereo type that americans like American football and all watch it... heh

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    Re: Why are most Anime fans such stereotypes?

    Quote Originally Posted by ride them Jesus View Post
    * Love Anime
    * Love Japanese culture
    * Love Japanese music
    * Keeps trying to learn as much Japanese as he/she can
    * Want or have lived in Japan for some time
    * Think that Japanese are the most beautiful people on Earth.
    Sadly enough it's the influence, and mental inability of the person to know what they are doing.
    If a kid likes candy, he will want more, and basically same thing here.
    Also since it's widely popular, and well known it will be the "hot" topic for a while, and thus promote others to "fit in with the crowd" to partake in this influence, and you never know, maybe the animators are trying to send subliminal messages? :P
    Ever notice the food habits, the school routine, all that is completely wrong, but still they are the same in all anime?

    Personally I am an anime fan.
    Yes I like "certain anime" I am very picky on the art, development, and storyline.
    I hate Japanese music, because they have no voice, but too many instruments.
    Their culture displayed in anime is long gone, so keep dreaming.
    Learning Japanese, well I hear that from editors of amv's whom want to download RAW files for editing, and not the separate subs for watching.
    Personally, no way will I learn that language, no offense to all but that's just not a goal I have.
    Japanese partner, well that can be true but what do you really want the same female as in the anime, or something in real life?

    In the end that is true the statement, and sadly the criteria will stay, as to how easily the population is influenced these days.

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