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Thread: wildest dreams

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    Re: wildest dreams

    All of my dreams are wild. My dreams always bend reality and even a walk down the street can turn into a grand adventure. Hell, I even had a twisted version of my back yard with an intimidating white gorilla swinging from the trees.

    But one recurring aspect of my dreams is that I have a pair of black angel wings. The feeling of flight is amazing, and I'm normally flyinbg around after a few tries to get off the ground.
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    Re: wildest dreams

    wildest dream i had.. would be one of my wet dreams >.< super wild sex next to a river right in the heart of wilderness if you catch my drift :P

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    Re: wildest dreams

    Well who knows, maybe it's one of those dreams were it's actually gonna happend, but then again, i don't know how unrealistic it was....
    Well i have many Dreams .>>>>
    But sometimes some of may dreams actually came true...>>
    One of my dreams was like this:
    I have a dream about an anime that wasn`t showed already about in my country...>>>>
    But my dreams was.>>>
    It was a merely a scene of the anime ..>>>>
    When i watched the anime..>>>
    I remembered the scene and begin thinking were i already watched that anime..>>>
    When i remembered it..>>
    It was my dream though...>>>^^_^^
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    Re: wildest dreams

    i have this dream that we can call it as nightmare...i got this dream when i was

    little...there a lots of zombies and skull monsters..i was really scared back

    then...all my family has gone and there's only me alive then all the monsters

    comes chasing me...i was trapped...then you know what had happened...

    all of sudden i was lying on the bed and my mom beside me...she said i was

    screaming like an elephant...

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    Re: wildest dreams

    I had a dream in that every one had wings and they could fly accept for me, mostly because I don't have wings or the muscles in real life and there for my brain couldnt figure out how to use my "wings", there for I had to make shrugging movments with my shoulders in order to fly

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    Re: wildest dreams

    It was weird to me this dream I had....I was walking down the street and next thing I know my sis and her friend walks up to me. They both touch my belly ask when I am due... I am like what I am prego...and their like yah...Then I felt the baby move and kick...for some reason I woke up crying..weird huh?

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    Re: wildest dreams

    Honestly, I think weird things if I read that topic's name. xD Can't help it. Anyway, I don't think you mean those kind of dreams. :P
    My wildest dream. It's a bit difficult for me, since I never really dream that much or at least I can't actually remember my dreams which makes it hard for me to jot one down.
    But there was this one dream. It was strange. It started off as a normal day, I went to school, attended school normally, met some friends afterwards. Suddenly however I find myself in front of a cliff jumping off it without any clear reason. Or I can't remember it. I woke up exactly the moment where I should be crashing on the ground. That was ... weird.
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    Re: wildest dreams

    my wildest dream would have to be, from last night, where i was running from something but i didn't know what the thing was, finally i came into the sunlight, where i found my boyfriend, and out came a wolf, that was actually able to talk and told me that she was chasing me, cause i had dropped my purse and she was returning it... after that i don't know what had happened, 'cause i had woken up.

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