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Thread: Will there ever be peace on earth?

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    Will there ever be peace on earth?

    Do you guys ever think that there ever, even for just a day, be peace on this planet? I really wish that there will never be any killing or war. "Imagine there's nothing to kill or die for. Imagine all of the people living in peace." Is part of the song "Imagine". i personally think that if everyone was nice to each other or at least there was no more war then there would be peace.
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    Re: Will there ever be peace on earth?

    I guess it depends on how you view peace, I believe that existence can only continue through balance and peace is only half of the equation. Looking at it from that perspective, peace can only come in intervals and the only true eternal peace is death. In order to end conflict, one must look at and put an end to what causes conflict. And what causes conflict? From what I've observed it's caused by necessity (i.e resources and space), desire, region, beliefs, differences, or simple misunderstandings. How do we address these problems? We could a.Make it to where we're all the same; same looks, same personalities, same clothes, etc. Or b.End the existence of mankind. For end order to end these causes we must end them at their root and mankind is the root of these causes. Yet even if we did manage to end conflict amongst our kind, it still wouldn't end conflict. For conflict is not the sole province of man, other creatures on this earth also war with one another. The conflict of Predator vs. Prey, Interspecies War, etc., so even with an end to mankind's conflicts; no matter how; conflict would still continue.

    We need what is negative in this life to better know and appreciate the positive, they must exist in a balance in order for existence to continue. Without that balance there would be no existence. War and Peace are part of that balance, this does not mean that we should go spoiling for a fight and pick one at every opportunity, quite the opposite really. We should do our best to avoid conflict if we can, however should we find that we must fight then we should not be afraid to do so. This is what I believe, so can there be peace on earth as looking at it from my perspective? Yes, but peace is fleeting and fortunately... so is war. I accept that peace isn' ever lasting and never will be, so I appreciate it all the more while I have it. However I believe that if Mankind ever did find world wide peace, where there would be no conflict anywhere around the world, then Mankind's existence on this world would end. I don' know about you, but I would like to stick around for a little while longer. And when my eternal peace comes, I will gladly accept it; but I hope that it doesn' come for quite some time.

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    Re: Will there ever be peace on earth?

    Peace is subjective. At least here so it is. I live in Mexico and I daily hear of murders and shootings, I have been at some, but not my concern. Peace for me is to live with my loved ones and that nothing will happen. In my opinion if you really want peace, teach to tolerate and endure. Wars are only given for reasons of intolerance and ignorance (most, others are given by ambition). John Lennon was a dreamer, but not mean it is not possible to achieve. There were thousands of people here in this country who want peace but do nothing worthwhile to get it (do marches and demands, I think that does not work). You are right, but not enough to have it, carasume.
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    Re: Will there ever be peace on earth?

    I have answered this an a thread long ago. But i agree that it depends on one's definition of peace. One could find peace in the simple pleasures in life. But world peace is unattainable. There is more than just war. The economy, poverty, corruption, etc. all contribute to the problems of this world. To have a day without ANY of this, is beyond impossible. It's like asking the world to shut down for a day. This isn't pessimism it's realistic. World peace would be amazing but unfortunately cannot happen unless the world ends but i don't believe that will happen. There is no good without evil and there is no peace without war. This is very broad but encompasses the idea.

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    Re: Will there ever be peace on earth?

    My peace: being with my Alicia. Possibly the best days of my life have been spent simply talking to her.
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    Because choice is the only real freedom any of us have.

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    Re: Will there ever be peace on earth?

    Peace as a individual - possible coz meditation , lotta money and other stuf can hive someone internal peace. Peace -for the world forget about it pal , not happening =/

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    Re: Will there ever be peace on earth?

    Peace is something that is desired and something that is saught. One cannot have peace without the conflict. If there were such a thing then there would be a dependance and also a termoil that would far surpass any war untill that balence or climax is reached.
    Peace its self is something that is not materialistic, it is a mind set. one of sicurity, scerinity, and many other things represent this.
    within the nature of every living thing comes down to thier basic instincs fight for survival, and for a better life, this is what causes such disruptions within our society, this in my opinyon of the subject.

    within the darkened realm of the mind, is endless shadows, wrenching pain, warming love, and burning desires.

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