My friend is currently streaming for the Wish Upon a Hero Foundation for 24 hours to try to persuade people to vote for them in the Chase American Giving Awards. If you are interested in checking out Wish Upon a Hero, please check out this link:

Wish Upon A Hero - live streaming video powered by Livestream

This is for a good cause. So please, if you feel like voting to help Wish Upon a Hero grant the wishes of thousands of people across the country of North America. Voting would bring this foundation closer to the Million dollar prize. You can vote once a day until voting is over.

This foundation has a website where people can wish. The foundation is set so that they try to grant as many of those wishes as possible, no matter what the wish. It could be anything from a child needing a surgery, to a war veteran wanting to revisit a place from his past.

For more info, Wish Upon a Hero

To vote, please go to Chase Community Giving - American Giving Awards | Facebook

Thank you for your support.