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Thread: Work and you

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    Re: Work and you

    Well I had 3 and a half years of collage under my belt and was on the graduate's list at DSU in Mississippi, in graphic designin', I had everything goin' for me... Then I found out that I had cancer, it took evrythin' from me; my education, my health, any possibility of havin' children, even work. The docs say that I can' lift, consistently, over 20 lbs., so that makes findin' work a little hard considerin' that all I have in my background were the numerous manual labor jobs that I worked so I could go ta collage. Now I can' even work in those fields and I tried ta go back ta collage here in Georgia, but it's hard 'cause the curriculum here is different from my old collage and my old collage isn' helpin' matters any either. Well, enough of my sob story, sorry evry1 for rantin' like that, I don' do that usually. It's jus' frustratin' when a doc tells u that u can' work 'cause of the repercussions of ur illness.

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    Re: Work and you

    I work at the local arcade here in NOVA. It is a fun job because there is not a lot to do and you get to mess with all the arcade games. I used to have three jobs, but i couldn't keep up with my studies, so i had to quit two.

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    Re: Work and you

    well next year if my mum is still the head cleaner at my school ill be working there ( i would have been workin nows but im only 14)and u get good money every month and like when im in 6th year i get i ema and it will be more money and even more if i good well in tests( but i have to be a school all the time....)

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    Re: Work and you

    Quote Originally Posted by Maze Walker View Post

    I wanted to ask you all. Where are you working now? What work do you like to have? Any wishes to become someone? Any thoughts about work please, everything welcome

    I always wondered how it to be forest watcher and smith. This two jobs I wanted to try...

    And Right now I'm working at... DOn't really know how to say... Euro-fixing? I'm working there as helper. Just cleaning everything, bringing some heavy things...
    This work is not really pleasent, you know. But,well yeah, it brings money. And I don't really hate it. It's much fun working with people who are 10-15 years older than you but they all know you are the same as they are! It's fun singing with them at work (weird,eh? all builders are like this )!
    WEll if I hated it, I had a way out - I have chance to get work in poligraphy firm... But i think such work is really booooooooooooooooting and lame! So I'm keep working on building
    Currently, I'm working as an error analyst for CenterPoint Energy (The gas company). I've been here for about six or seven months now. I've always been doing the whole office type gigs for the last three or four years now. Except last year, I was the dining room coordinator at The Brunswick Zone (It's like GameWorks but with more bowling). That was pretty cool.

    If I had any control in the matter, I'd be working as a cartoonist/manga artist. That's what I've wanted to do since I can remember. I've been drawing since I could pick up a pencil. It's what makes me happy, and one day I'll achieve that level of work-happy. ^_^

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    Cool Re: Work and you

    im acually a amatuer manga artist. and the only other job i'd do is be a famous guitar player(i know how to play, it's just getting famous is way too hard). Hail to Angus Young!! and loads of other awesome players.

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    Re: Work and you

    I'm a student and I am going to work hard and I think I'll enjoy it... for now that's really all I wish...
    I haven't got the slightest idea of who I'd like to become and what I'd like to work like... NONE!!! No ideas!!!! It's just terrible, because I should know already!!! I terribly need help...
    The only thing that does come to my mind is to be a writer- write stories all day long, work alone, siting in the garden on a bench and then just publish my work... it would be great but I don't think that is possible...

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: Work and you

    I'm a student too and didn't even manage to think about my future work though i wanted always to be a surgeon doctor because it is very good to feel that with you around someone's life can be saved
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    Re: Work and you

    I am also a student but a collage student and I am studying systems engineering.

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