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Thread: Worst jokes ever!

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    Worst jokes ever!

    You guys ever hear jokes that are so cheesy that they're funny? Or just stupid jokes that are either racist or retarded but they are so true?? I got a friend who tells me those ALL THE TIME. Then again, I'm also one of those retards who like cheesy jokes heh. I know how you feel

    *By the way, any racist/hurtful jokes are not meant to be taken seriously. (Really we're all just people so please don't be a duche and ruin the fun | Just kidddding) Oh and I'm asian. I know how far racist jokes are supposed to be

    Here are some I've heard:

    A plane is crashing, there are 6 people on it: 3 boy scouts, a nobleman, a lawyer, and a priest; and there are 3 parachutes. The nobleman says "the children are our future, let them go!" So the lawyer says "**** the children!!!" And the priest says "do we have time?"

    A ship is sinking. Losing all hope of survival, a woman decides that if she has to die, she should at least die with some pride as a woman. She takes off all her clothes and declares, "Who here wants to make me a woman?!" A man comes up takes off his shirt and says, "Here, wash this and go make me a sandwich."

    Q: Who is the richest person in Mexico?
    A: The one that gets a penny

    Q: Why doesn't Mexico have an official olympic team?
    A: Because anyone who can run, jump, or swim is already across the border

    An american told her asian friend to open her eyes as wide as she could. After the asian friend's attempt, the American proceeded to get mad and yell, "Well, DO IT ALREADY!"

    A red head, brunette, and a blonde enters a room with a magic mirror. If you say something true about yourself into it, the mirror will grant you a wish. But if you say something false, you will disappear forever.
    The red head first walks up to the mirror and says, "I think I am the most beautiful woman here." POOF, her wish was granted.
    The brunette then walks up to the mirror and says, "I think I am have the most beautiful hair here." POOF, her wish was also granted.
    The blonde finally walks up to the mirror and says, "I think..." POOF, she disappeared.

    I know, blonde jokes are the cheesiest things in the world but this is one of my all time favorite -> I'm sorry!

    What other jokes have you heard? Like I said, I'm a big fan of these fail jokes but that's just because I'm a loser like that

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    Re: Worst jokes ever!

    Very touchy thread we have here. I enter with trepidation, due to the subject matter. Well before anything happens to this thread, I suppose I'll share this one.

    A duck walks into a bar and says to the bartender "do you have any bagels?"
    The bartender says to the duck "no, this is a bar, we don't sell bagels."
    The next day, the duck shows up again and asks "do you have any bagels?"
    The bartender, slightly annoyed says to the duck "you asked me that yesterday, I told you we don't sell bagels." The duck comes back the next day and asks the bartender again "do you have any bagels?" The bartender is fed up and yells "LOOK, we don't sell bagels, and if you come here again asking for bagels I'm gonna nail your feet to the floor!" The duck returns the next day, and asks the bartender "do you have any nails?" The bartender yells "NO!!".....so the duck asks, "well then do you have any bagels?"

    There, I think that qualifies for a lame corny joke. Enjoy the fail.

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    Re: Worst jokes ever!

    Well I know A good joke I think will Qualify; Q: How many mice does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: Two one male and one female
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    Re: Worst jokes ever!

    My brother are away telling those kind of joke. they r stupid and racist at times, but they r funni and true. i'm black/asian, so i know how far they go but i dont get bothered cause i know they dont mean any harm

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