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Thread: would u quit skool

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    Re: would u quit skool

    you need school.
    if you dont have school your life will most likely fail.
    so yea. i think i would stay.

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    Re: would u quit skool

    School sure is boring and and hard, but the rewards come later in life! Quitting school has crossed my mind before but when i stop and think for a moment what would be of my life if i actually quit is just scary lol
    so don't quit kids!

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    Re: would u quit skool

    I wouldent, the HSC would open a wider range in jobs
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    Re: would u quit skool

    Let's see....I wouldn't. Those who do are just useless and another burden. Sure I may disagree with the methods of teachers and can learn more on my own (well...certain things), however, still you can learn a lot still with school. I'd rather stay in, learn what I can. They say knowledge is power, and it is. Look at The Red Skull, The Joker, those Supervillians who don't have any real super powers but are amazingly intelligent.

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    Re: would u quit skool

    Hahaha.. when i was here last year.. the opinions were different.. most people kept saying "lets quit school!" "quitting school is good!" Now.. im seeing a different kind of generation i guess ^^ this is a good thing... Im glad im in this generation too!

    Stop school to me is very.. dumb? I don't think that you can easily find what you want in live by quitting school early... For me.. i'll continue on and try my best so i can get elsewhere by next year i hope.. i really want to be on that place and continue studying.. though my exam results are not that good... maybe im not trying hard enough.. but i realized this and now im slowly getting better.. it maybe 5 months left for the last exam.. but im not giving up! ^^ Wish me luck all

    By the way... nice one there about the l337 and chat thingy.. real funny! Though i use it a lot when i chat... just so i could type and talk faster

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    Re: would u quit skool

    I did, and still got my High school Diploma. =P

    Would I Drop out of college/university: No. Now this is my future, and I know all I learn here will be, helping me into the career I desire.

    The only thing I wish I learned in school, was how to spell better~!.

    Thats all I need in life, I mean there's nothing worst then writing up a paper, or typing up a recommendation. With all the spelling errors. I know grammar and punctuations when I want to, but Spelling. I need a bigger vocabulary!

    I mean its hard when your using little words, to explain one would you can't spell. It's like stab in the throat. And it looks childish. So if your going to learn anything in school. Learn, Spelling! I mean spell check won't always be there for you. And learn to present yourself, and know what you want. This is not a random look here look there, its your life. Believe in it.

    I think I repeated myself a couple of times but no matter.

    Now if I could go back and change my mind? Still no, all my friends are pregnant with babies and some on there second. I think I got out just in time. A lot of Teenage pregnancy up here. I am all of the learning, and I didn't feel I was learning anything in school, but thats the only reason why I left.
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    Re: would u quit skool

    No matter how bad I think of college sometimes....I would never drop out not in a million years
    I want to have a future and I want to have a job and my own house and not depend on anyone...and for those things I need education...sure I agree that sometimes I just want to strangle my teachers and professors and sometimes i do not feel like doing all the homework they pile on me....but I know that without it....I wold get nowhere in life...so I will make that sacrifice for the greater good

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    Re: would u quit skool

    Quote Originally Posted by Exoparadapsyphobia View Post
    Yes, I would quit school; because I am! Well, this isn't exactly the most accurate description of what I'm doing. I would describe it as home schooling myself.

    I'm missing 2 semesters worth of credits due to a lack of interest and other personal issues (mostly medical), and I'm tired of wasting 6 hours a day 5 days a week learning little about nothing in a faulty educational system and being asked to convince grossly under qualified teachers I think just like they do. Don't get me wrong, this isn't an announcement that I've completely given up on the pursuit of knowledge that's appliable to the real world, I'm just continuing that journey down an alternative and more convenient road.

    Though I'm sure some of the more presumptuous and narrow minded of you will staple exactly that kind of negative definition on it. Social stigma and ignorance about forms of education outside of the classroom are so difficult for some people to overcome.

    Forgive me if I seem unjustifiably hostile, but I get a lot of stink eyes and maddeningly pitiful looks when I tell someone I'm not in school.
    You seem to be the exception to the rule. Just judging from what you conveyed in your post, and how well-written it was, it doesn't sound like continuing school is going to be any better for you than educating yourself.

    Though I stated before that I wouldn't quit and that it's nearly always a mistake, it's sad that the road you're taking is always frowned upon even if it happens to work well for you.

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