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    Lightbulb Yo!

    First off, i owe you guys an apology....i said that i'd create this thread about a week back but due to some unfortunate and unthinkable circumstances, i was unable to do so.
    Anyway........What's up? hope everything is fine and dandy. Ok the first thing i wanted to ask you guys is.......lemme think.........
    hmmm.... All this thinking is making me rather depressed. I cant think of any aspect that would simply astound another. i mean, we're all unique, right? Each of us can do something that no one else can do, be it great or little. And whatever we can do is necessary-thus our existence.
    ok, now i'm depressed. I really can't think of anything LOL.
    What about you guys? Mind telling me what it is you do that makes you're existence worthwhile?

    P.S I'm a weekly commenter so ill be reading your replies after about a week. so try to think of something crazy, won't you???
    hmmm...let's make it a bit more interesting, shall we? the person who writes the best will get a reward.......but what reward? well its a lame one but then i'm lame so as a reward, i'll tell you the meaning and the reason of my name. and its not as ordinary as you think it is...... Good Luck!!

    ------> this is the same boring intro of myself for ppl who don't know me so they don't have to go to my profile and see who this nobody is.
    ahem.....(copy and PASTE!!!)
    My name's Robyn. I'm easy going and tend to lay back and take life as it hits me. Mostly i live in my own world cos earth's a bit too boring for me. I'm an ordinary person, someone you wouldn't look at twice. I hate shopping unless its to get gadgets and I'm not what you'd call 'cool'. I like to read books, mostly action. In Manga, i like to read about where the girl and boy; one of them hates another or has no interest in him/her but they end up together. However, this manga should be hilarious or i won't like it. i don't really listen to songs much and i hate all celebs. don't ask me why, its just not my thing.
    i'm the kind of person who tends to stay away from reality. I don't like talking bad stuff about anyone who i may know but i think that's more because im a guy rather than my personality but you get the flow..
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