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Thread: You, the anime hero

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    You, the anime hero

    Well if you wod be an anime hero, how wod you like to be? In general look and acting? And ofcourse why?
    I wesh to be an hero loved by everyune weath deghnyty ackting and super powers taked by mestayke. It must be an nice hero and beautyfoul.
    Sow wath hero wod you wesh to bee?
    Y'm an angel lost in supreme war betwen hell and heaven

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    Re: You anime hero

    Well what I'd like to be and what I would be are two different things. It is most likely that I could not be a hero, but who knows.

    I would like to be a purely good hero, not hurting anyone good and killing only if it is completely necessary... And I would like to be able to disapeare as soon as the job is done so that people wouldn't see how weak I am emotionaly and stuff.
    I would like to be a healer and be able to fight with swords. That's about all ^^

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: You, the anime hero

    Wow... good person kills people *clears throat*

    Lets see... ^^ i would love to be a wacky anime character... i wont mind being called crazy or weird.. but... cool... quiet acting? maybe.... i am a bit like that... but i am actually bubbly inside but either one of those would be nice.. or... combination would be great~!

    Yea... a guy who always seem so quiet and acts cool all the time... he would lean to the tree... there would be wind and some little leaves flow by with the wind... yea... and when he is around with his closest friends... he'll be a damn noisy one like me

    Thats a bit of his characteristics...

    Hmm.. a black cloak would suit me nicely... i want nice hat~! to go with... hmm...maybe double guns... a dagger.... lets just say im a traveller... yea.. that would be nice
    I would travel with a bike... a classic would do...
    and maybe another hot chick around like you Lasura a healer is what i just might need during the travels..

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    Re: You, the anime hero

    I would be my character I call is Rad,
    I have powers of a H-bomb and radiation powers too to K.Oed Boss monsters
    I would live in place called Atomica and my home will Atom castle.
    Rad is the most power hero next Lucia of Lunar 2

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    Re: You, the anime hero

    mm i would have to say that i would be
    someone who is kind.
    mm i would be crazy thats forsure.
    i say its better to have s super hero that has there moments.
    like flash. XD
    umm yea i think that i would do good deeds and stuff.,

    for the looks mm lets see i have always like sailor moons outfits. so something like that. lol.

    ~Falling in love one step at a time~

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    Re: You, the anime hero

    Yes that would be cool but then again it would not be cool it would be cool because you would save people and be a hero but i would not be cool because you would have to keep you secret and you would miss things like birthdays because you are out busy being a super hero so yes and no.

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    Re: You, the anime hero

    Funny, because I have a character I designed for a Manga I'm working on who's pretty much my alter ego. LOL.

    So, I guess if I had to be an anime protaganist, I would be the same as my character: A Devil Hunter.

    I would be a master swordsman with the ability to control the element of earth. I would also have to be somewhat fast and have considerable aim when dealing with projectile weapons such as: Knives, darts, shuriken, kunai, etc. Speed wouldn't be a "power," more of a skill learned through physical training. I don't mean super speed, just enough to evade most blows. Kind at heart, I would do things aside from the occasional demon hunt to help people, protect the weak, save the day; whatever you wanna call it.

    Yeah, that sounds like him. ^_^ I know he sounds pretty skilled/powerful, but in my mind, in my manga; he'd probably get his ass kicked quite a few times. He's young, but with youth comes learning through experience.

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    Re: You, the anime hero

    I've always injected little bits of my personalities into all of my characters, but I haveta say that a character that I created called "Cancer" is the closest one ta my heart and ta bein' a mirror image of me. Not much is known 'bout his background, but he's a loner and had a life or death ordeal wit cancer that caused his powers ta manifest. He also seems ta have extensive combat trainin', although no one knows where he had received his trainin'. He seems ta manipulate shadows and darkness, even teleportin' within them ta what he calls "the void." He also seems ta b able ta teleport other ppl and objects there too and when there, if a person has done great evil, the pain that they've wrought gets visited upon them. He can even reach within the "shadows" of ppl, causin' them ta envelope them (hence the name "Cancer") imprisonin' them for as long as he desires or teleport them ta "the void." No one knows if these r the extent of his capabilities or not, there r so many unknown variables wit him.

    Sanity doesn't exist, it's just an excuse cooked up by crazy people to justify their actions. My myspace page: www.myspace.com/joemage

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