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Thread: You, the anime hero

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    Cool Re: You, the anime hero

    WOW What a good question. Well I would awnt to be a Noble samurai Living in sa futuristic world with the power of inner strength that I could manifest into a physical form either through my weapon or in the form of energy weapons from my kicks and punches. I would want to live in a world where planitary travel was possible anf the techologies of thought controlled intigrated body armor was available and in use. I would fight for the honor of those weaker then myself and search for enlightenment in life to become a better warrior of the sword. I would punish the evil and remain mysterious. I would be soft spoken and allow my actions to speak for me and would wander around taking on quests of honor and justice wher I could. I would also dedicate my life to the idea that all things are connected and that every thing we do is and always will have direct effects on others around me. I would love one one person who would know me better then I would know myself and struggle with these tensions simply because of the challanges they provide that make me a better person. yeah. being an Anime hero would so be cool.
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    Re: You, the anime hero

    Well, I'd be an Anti-Hero...the best of all...but yeah taking this into a different approach

    I wouldn't want to be the Protagonist, and I'd be the spellcaster of the group, mainly focusing on offensive spells.

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    Re: You, the anime hero

    I'd probably end up as some sort of reluctant hero, doing what he must to save the people, just don't anger him or his inner demons start emerging, potentially becoming more of a threat than the original enemy.

    For weapons, I'll have a good variety, ranging from guns for more incognito work, to Dragon Ball style powers for when things get intense, maybe even implanted blades hidden inside my body, like Wolverine, only in other locations too. extending out of the knees for kneeing, along the feet for kicks, extending out the elbows & chest as well, & so on...

    I'd have to have a balaclava, gotta keep the identity secret. Maybe a Trenchcoat, many of my characters end up with those. If I can't get the balaclava, one of my characters has a metal skull mask, complete with built in hood, giving it a Grim Reaper look.

    Damn, not bad for a minutes thought...

    The Madman previously known as Daniel219

    Wish I could get on here more often. *Sigh* The down side to night shift...

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