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Thread: Are you picky about your friends?

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    Arrow Are you picky about your friends?

    I was told that people tend to be more picky about choosing life long friends compare to lovers or mates.

    Now I am at a compelete lost. Is it easier to forgive a friend when they have done you wrong, compare to if a lover had?

    Do we really hold higher Expectation in our lovers then we do are friends? Why do much more forgiving to friends?

    Sometimes! I've notice when people first get into a relationship they want the girl to meet there friends, or they want to keep her away. Same said for Women.

    Some even go out of there way making Friends choose them or there lover. Same goes the other way around.

    So to clear this up, how about you?
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    Re: Are you picky about your friends?

    I don't need friends. All I have are business partners, colleagues, and acquaintances. The only friend I need is my girlfriend. No more, no less.
    I love my girlfriend.

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    Re: Are you picky about your friends?

    I'm not really picky about friends. I'm a very friendly person so I can befriend anyone easily. Anyone to me is okay as long as they like me and have no intention of back-stabbing me or have anything bad at me.

    But, what I hate the most in having friends is that sometimes they go overboard too much. They may sometimes push you around and back stab you. That'd hurt very much.
    But I would understand them if they apologize.

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    Re: Are you picky about your friends?

    when it comes to me deciding on friends, I do tend to be cautious about who I am friends with. That's because in the past, I've been bullied by the people who I thought were my friends and it taught me a very good lesson about who to really socialize with. Friends are not really friends if they bully you around because they can and they never really support you.

    Friends should be there no matter what are always around to support you. Like my best friend Ellen, she has always been when I needed a chat, and we always have fun, we are even hopefully going to be house mates soon so that's going to be cool.

    As for partners, well I've always preferred to date people I know as friends and see if it progresses. That is what happened between Solking and I. Being friends for two years before dating really made a difference. We had already found out what we had in common and we were really close friends so it was a natural progression and it felt right. I suppose you could say I am dating my best friend, which is true.

    I think really it depends on the person on how selective they can be when making friends because of past experiences and some people won't really mind if they get hurt by friends because of social circles or what have you.
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    Re: Are you picky about your friends?

    I am not really picky about my friends because the people I usually hang out with just want to have fun. For me, I don't have really any enemies or people I dislike because I get along with most people. There is so many things I have done and learned just with being with my friends. I love going to parties whether it's just for a social hangout or someone's birthday.

    In the past, I only had a few instances of meeting people who only seemed nice on the outside. Most people don't really see me as a cold-hearted person so that's good. I mean I did have more of a self-conscious attitude with which people I hung out with. For example, in middle school and first couple years of high school, I was with people who were in the more in the popular category in the school social ladder. As I progressed through the rest of my years in high school, I made more friends who to most people seemed weird. At that time, I finally got over my self-consciousness of the kind of friends I make.

    I used to be a jock back then. I did basketball and track & field/cross country, but I have transitioned to be more of a nerd, but I am okay with that. When I used to hang out with the “normal” crowd, I always had to make extra precautions of what I said. I mean I was still into things like anime and manga in the past, but I usually hid it because my friends would have ridiculed for me. If I had said something weird, they would give me a discouraging look. The friends I have now are people who enjoy video games and anime more than caring about things like Fantasy Football and the latest fashion styles.

    I mean I am a lot happier now. When I say something weird, they just laugh and sometimes make some weird remark themselves. It's now not as much pressure to be with people I can just relax and not worry about what I say or do.

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    Re: Are you picky about your friends?

    Actually I am more picky about life long partners then I am life long friends so that statement does not pertain to me in the least do to the fact I want to be with some who I want to cherish and love them for who they are more so then any other friend. As far as I am concerned, my girlfriend (When I find her out there some where) Will be my greatest most best friend of them all and takes my number one priority while every one else is only second.

    I am a very forgiving person and it takes a lot for me to hold a grudge... But I would have to say more forgiving for my partner then my other friends... But not by much.

    Sadly most people do have higher expectations for their partner, I how ever do not as I only expect them to be who there, nothing more and nothing less and what ever it is that they want to do I will be her biggest cheer leader.

    When I first get into a relationship I want to get to know the girl first and foremost and build up a foundation for a strong relationship that would allow for us to build love and trust and the desire to be with each other upon. As for meeting my friends or her friends... That comes a little later.

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    Re: Are you picky about your friends?

    well i am picky abbout friends.... actualy friends don't exist... there are only people who can be trusted (friends) and backstabbers (false friends)... reallity is a harsh palace.. and i've been used,backstabbed,blackmailed and bullyed allot by my "friends" in the past... so i'm verry careful how i pick my friends...... i think a girlfriend can be forgiven more easily.. depending on what she does... if you are trustworthy and really care abbout her that is... if you find her cheating... that's another storry... you can't forgive that so easy

    Thx allot AO 4 makeing me resize this....i'm being sarcastic......

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    Re: Are you picky about your friends?

    I'm extreamly picky with who I concider my "Friends". Friends to me are people who share in my interests, don't care about my failings or quirks, or I theirs, and who would have my back when I'm in trouble, just like I would do for them should the situation be reversed.

    The saying "A friend is someone who would bail you out of jail. A true friend is someone who sits next you in jail and tells you 'man, we screwed up'." rings true.

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