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Thread: you are a survivor

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    you are a survivor

    A friend was in class and his teacher layed out a situation that if you knew that you will be stranded on a island for about half a year, what four item would you bring in order to surivie.

    His answer was resonable and he would last 6 months but some of his friends... well lets say they won't even last a week. His friends, some of them said they would being a electronic item with them like a psp, a ipod or a phone, somthing like that and the dumb thing is they try to put reason and logic behind those answers.

    I answered the question with a box of matches, fishing rod, sleeping bag and probably a axe or somthing.

    so what four item would you bring?
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    Re: you are a survivor

    hatchet, cooking pot, lighter, and a winter jacket.

    no point in carrying around a sleeping bag when you can use nature stuff as a blanket, also depending on where you are the things you would find useful may change. regardless of that i think about how i would do stranded somewhere all the time, thats why i watch survivorman xD

    anyway, the only REALLY, really big obstacle one might face is depression, besides ravenous animals and poisonous plants of course.

    bizarro ps: any tool you need you can make.
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    Re: you are a survivor

    i would bring a bow for hunting on the island the fish near the island are probably small and would not be very good eating, and what happines when the hook breaks off, an axe for building and constructing my home and for gathering firewood and storing it in my home and to keep it dry, i would bring first aid box with me in case i get injured, i would then bring some flint & cotton. theese things are all a person would need to survive on the island.

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    Re: you are a survivor

    A life boat, water purifier and satellite phone. Hahaha.

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    Re: you are a survivor

    A bowie knife, box of matches, rope, and a trench coat
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