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Thread: and you thought...

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    and you thought...

    OK peoples. Last week, me and my friends were going to a pool party. I called my friend and said he whats up?aren't you supposed to meet us here?she responded "i cant go, my mom is not letting me hanging around with one of your friends becuase she is black.


    what the f*ck now are we judging again

    what do you think, should you judge people by the color of their skin?

    *ps plz dont call my friends mom names,she is my best friends mom and she will get mad hehe*
    Yeah, Bye.

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    Re: and you thought...

    I dont think we should judge ppl by their skin color bcuz we r all humans and were all the same. But i guess jugding is always been around... One time my friends (we are all different kind of race) i went to the store to buy construction paper for our project. We split up into 2 pairs and i got stuck w/ my friend, Dan, we are both hispanic.This guy came up to us and said "Get out of our country u latinos!" Dan was about to punched him and one of the employees saw, called the police...and Dan got arrested for punching the guy. It made me so mad that i told my parents but when we went there they told us that we had no evidence except dan punching the guy. The next day Dan got out and we just joked about it, but deep inside i knew that he was hurt.

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    Re: and you thought...

    Depending on how old your friend's mom is, it shouldn't suprise you. The older white generation still have those old fears and prejudices; she was merely acting to protect her baby because she just simply doesn't know. Is it right to judge people by race? No, everyone knows that, we all understand the theory, but applying it, living by it, that's a whole other ballgame. You act like it's disappeared; it's still everywhere, sometimes more sublime, maybe not as potent as it was in the 50s, but it still exists. Morgan Freeman's cab dilemma wasn't all that long ago.

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    Re: and you thought...

    i agree with dark there because my parents are the same way
    and they have yet to have any peopleof a difrent skin coulr from them visit
    sure they say *i have all sorts if black freinds etc. but not once have they ever had
    anyone over that wasnt white it was like this for me as kid becuase that.

    myselfi have had anyone and everyone over to my place for a good time like
    pizza and a movie or papy per view wrestling and i find is awesome but my
    parents are stillstuck in the 50's and 60's there fear as he said just is to great
    i guess but in the end colour isnt really what you judes others on.
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    Re: and you thought...

    Maybe we aren't hearing the full story from the mom. This kid probably rudely summarized the mom's argument to make her seem like an ass. I do that to my parents all the time.

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    Re: and you thought...

    Did people ever stop? I mean really stop?

    Everyone has their own little prejudices. It's just a shame that some (sorry have to say it) ignorant people have to take it this far.

    If your friends Mom is as nice as you think, perhaps you got only part of the story. Perhaps it was like a game of telephone... it started out one thing, but ended up another.

    I however would not judge in such a way.

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    Re: and you thought...

    Prejudice or not, adults will almost always know more and have more life experience than a teenager. Just because a teenager said "Yeah, I know" doesn't mean he or she really know. Now for the sake of the argument, what if your friend did turn out to be a bad person??? Of course, your friend having never the opportunity to hang with your friend and as a result does not get harmed in anyway.

    In this case nothing happens, and all we do is jump to the conclusion that your friend's mother is a racist. I mean this is not much different than a parent not letting their daughter go hang out with a bunch of guys. If it was me I might have say the same thing, regardless of the skin color thing of course. I rather have my kid label me as a racist, hater, hitler, whatever then to have him or her get hurt and cry over spill milk afterwards.

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    Re: and you thought...

    Judging on skin tone? That is absurd, ignorant, and deserving of a harsh lesson being taught. Judging itself is annoying, but inevitable, we all do it no matter what. But atleasts judge on WHO that person is, NOT what they look like. That's my direct two cents, I have more to say, but I can assure you it's NOT friendly.

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