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Thread: Are you a Tightwad?

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    Re: Are you a Tightwad?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sazuka View Post
    I've bought a few manga books before, read them (carefully without bending the binding) and then returned them for a full refund. They weren't good enough to keep anyway.
    LOL. I actually thought about doing that once, but not for a manga book, just a novel. After I read it though, I couldn't bear to part with it, so I kept it. I form attachments to things I buy easily, so it's no wonder there's so much stuff in my room, all of which hold some sort of sentimental value.

    As for what I do to save money? Nothing different from what I've been doing for years now. As soon as I get paid, I deposit most of it into my savings account (basically, as soon as it's deposited, I can't touch it at all for a longgg time. I get a high return on interest though). I guess the fact that I'm not in the United States, but in Australia, means that I'm not as affected by the recession as some people are. Regardless, it has affected me somewhat, though I can't say that it's had a major effect on my life.

    The little things that I find help me save money include bringing lunch from home instead of spending money at the local café or whatever (I mean, I guess it's okay once a week or something, but for those who do it 5 days a week?) and walking or catching public transport whenever I can (taxis = biggest waste of money in my opinion). Occasionally, if I buy a lot of things from the same store at once, I'll ask for a discount on my purchases. I normally get the discount I want, so don't be afraid to bargain! Also, if you shop regularly from the same store, the owners will become fond of you and will more likely than not give you discounts every now & then. So once you've found a store that you like, stick to it like glue!

    I guess the last piece of advice I can give is to AVOID IMPULSE BUYING.

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