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Thread: Your Desktop

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    Your Desktop

    I am curious-what does your desktop look like? What Icons do you have? What is your Background? Also, if you want to, you can take a screen cap of your desktop- IF YOU DO SO PLEASE POST THE LINK, NOT THE PICTURE. Also, explain why your desktop looks the way that it does. Don't make this a spam thread >.<

    My Desktop has a nightmare before christmas background. I have mozilla firefox, & adobe photoshop. I have many game icons that my mom downloaded. >.< I also have a maplestory shortcut.
    My desktop is set for halloween right now, which is why it is black & purple.

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    Re: Your Desktop

    I am currently using the Windows XP classic desktop background because it lets the PC run programs faster since my pc is four years old and on top of that it saves me some RAM to do some other things. Here is a link to it.

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    Re: Your Desktop

    Well, I have two Mac...a G4 PowerMac and a MacBook Pro. I have anime wallpapers on my background. I change it all the time. At work I HAVE to use a PC *grumbles* and I still have an anime wallpaper and the weirdiest part is that I was given crap about it. It a wallpaper of Rei, nothing bad, it's 3D taken off off and everyone was like...why do you have Hentai on your computer....IDIOTS!!!

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    Re: Your Desktop

    Thread with little direction and would ultimately not get much discussion other then post after post of people listing whats on their desk top.


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