make your own dragon rider like the one in the eragon series include:
-dragons appearance

herez mine:
-has ocean blue eyez, short light blue hair, wears t-shirts and caprees, wears glasses without lenses for show, and wearz light boots
-sign looks like three squiggly lines one on top of each other
-dragons name is aqua -she is a water dragon, over thirty feet long, fifteen feet wide, has big seaweed color eyes, and wings are fourty feet wide
-my master is nobody, i trained myself
-history: i was ten years old when i found a rock in the river, i collected rocks that i found interesting. when i found this round shiny light blue rock i kept it. about five days passed by and the rock hatched in my room when i was sleeping, the dragon woke me up by nudging my head and scared me ta death. i didnt know what it was at first so i kept it a secret. a year passed by as she grew rapidly and i hid her in the woods nearby, some one found her the next day and i begged him not ta tell, and that was when he told me that he was a dragon rider, he taught me all he knew and a year later he was killed in a fire. i traveled around the whole world fighting and training so i can kill the ones who killed my master.
ok now it your guysez turn have fun with it too.