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Thread: Your Dream.

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    Re: Your Dream.

    1.) i'd have to say i pleade the 5th. mainly because i have an over active imagination and weather i'm day dreaming or dreaming in the unconcious sense, the images that pop into my heard are usually erotically unmentionable or of spending time holding that special artic fox i have back home in my arms and takeing in the emotions and feelings she makes me feels.

    2.) i'd have to say my main dream is to study the many fields of science and history and eventually become a marine biologist or and entymoligist( the ocean and everything in it as well as the insects that populate the earth simply facinate me because there are sooo many mysteries left to be solved that i cant help but learn more about their world) and eventually get married and start a family with jacque and to be able to share my passions for science and history with my children and wife.

    as for weather it can come true or not, i think i can and i'm doing what i can make it come true.
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    Re: Your Dream.

    1. I think that when it comes to my mind, I think of all the millions of things I want to be, half of them impossible to fufill.

    2. My future dreams??? Well, it's to go to Japan, of course! I've always wanted to live in Japan, ever since I was a little girl! My heart longs and crys for it. That's why I work hard so that I can make that one of many dreams come true! ^^

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    Re: Your Dream.

    1. I'm a big dreamer... that's where my name come from "Dreamvisions". I used this name for over 10 years...why? Because dreaming is what I do everyday, it's my inspiration to do a lot of things. Dreaming is a hard definition to describe... it's what I do mostly during the day, dream of impossible things and mostly beautiful things I cannot define in words. My dreams also have a lot of bright colors in it... dreaming is my inspiration for most designs that I make.

    2. I want to be a great allround graphic/visual designer. I'm going the right path though... I make a lot of designs for several organisations, and I also need to make some for school and stuff. Dreamvisions Productions is my design allias.

    My biggest dream is to open my own Art/Design Company by my allias. I want it to be a relaxing place which is half a lounge, half office for big designers. And make great designs for all over the world. Think of websites, posters, banners, billboards, folders and newspapers. I want my company to be laid back, pretty interior and just relaxing to work in. It's all about having fun at work and make big ass designs for a living <3. That's all I want... that's what I've been working for, that's what I'm trying to accomplish...It's my dream ^_^

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    Re: Your Dream.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mini Dev View Post
    1. When the word dream comes into your head how would you describe it?

    2. If dream meant in this case "following your dreams" what are your future dreams. Now firstly you have to be realistic not saying, i dream for infinty money Etc. make sure they are reachable goals.

    P.s Do you belive that your dreams can come true?
    1. A dream is a image that pops into your head when you are in any mood. It can be anything and is usually based on something you want or something you need. It could also be something you watched on T.V. and wanted to be a part of.
    (lol sorry for my long answer)

    2.My future dreams are to be a doctor. No questions asked. This is my dream ever since I was a child. Thats all I ever wanted to do. No one told me you have to go into that field I just wanted to. My dream to have a "perfect" family. But that is an un-realistic dream because no family is the perfect family. So I want a normal family.

    Yes. I do my dreams will come true. If I plan my whole ideas and thought into my studies and sports. I will do anything to follow my dreams. Well not anything (if any one caught my drift) I will try my best till I make it to the top.

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