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Thread: your ethnic food

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    your ethnic food

    I was wondering what kind of food people might know how to make or have eaten in line with their ethnicity.

    For me being from Minnesota, you probably would expect me to have eaten lutefisk, but no. I'm not Scandinavian, which make those, and I've never had a chance to.

    What I do know about is from my mom's side of the family. Her dish is from Michigan's upper peninsula, near the Iron ranges. The food that I have eaten is called a "Pasty" sounds like the word "past" and then "e"

    Basically its meatloaf (hamburger) with potato chunks and onions inside of it. It is shaped into a ball, and then a crust goes around it. (like a really dry pie crust)
    One eats it with ketchup.

    I don't know what part of the old country its from, but possibly around a polish or german background.

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    Re: your ethnic food

    lol! they are yummy!! almost every bakery sells them over here aswell, different types like vegetables, steak, curry flavour..mmmmm.. ( I think they are the same as what you are talking about!)

    Well I'm Australian, so i don't really know what our ethicnic food would be, maybe a typical BBQ, sausages, steak, chips, pies, beer lol!

    But if I look at my mum, who was born overseas, I guess on that side of the family the ethnic food would be, sweet potato smother in coconut milk, rice, heaps of mangos - made different ways ( green mango (not rip) with salt and wostersire sauce), I think you would call that ethnic, I know heaps of other countries have that aswell.

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    Re: your ethnic food

    I never want to take a bite of shrimp, am not use to sea food, pretty much to land food lol, though it did kinda taste good from china lol.

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    Re: your ethnic food

    most of the ethnic food i eat is Filipino since that's where my Darling hails from. Mainly i like the Adobo (i don't know what it is but it has meat and sauce and it is GEWD!!), sio pao (steamed pork bun), Philippino style spaghetti, and their fried chicken is prety good too! Also they have good soups to go on rice!

    there's also Guatemalan food (from my mother's side) but i haven't had much... the most i've had is Guatemalan style tamales, the difference from Mexican style is that it's steamed in a banana leaf instead of a corn husk and it's spicier! ^_^ we usually have them around Christmas time. there might have been others i've had but not know they were Guatemalan.

    and there's white food... i'm pretty sure that Doritos and meatloaf are pretty ethnic to some people!

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    Re: your ethnic food

    Yea im korean and we have one of the most coolest foods ever:
    Ramen - Everyones probaby familer with thif food but in korea its always spicy and tahts the only flavor you get it in.
    Bim Bim Bap - Its an assortion of vegetables and an egg put on rice. then you mix it and you pour spicy chili sauce on it.
    Kaerang Bap - Just an egg put on top o rice and mixed witha bit of soyasauce
    Pokum Bap - Diced meats and vegetables fired with rice. can be mixed with soya sauce, chili sauce, and kimchi koomoul
    Kimchi Chigae - A broth with tons of kimchi and an assortion of vegatables and meat like onions and sausage
    Tobu Chigae - Its a chigae{broth} which is spicy and has tons of tofu in it
    Tengjang Chigae - Its also a chigae but a miso chigae. it has a bit of spicyness not a lot though.It tastes better than miso soup
    Soon Tobu - a lot like Tobu Chigae exept that the tofu is all broken up and is part of the broth
    Miyok gook - Celebrational soup that is made from seaweed strings water and oil. very tasty

    "Bap" means rice
    and more......

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    Re: your ethnic food

    I'm Japanese and Dutch, I've ate alot of weird stuff but over all I can't say all of it is bad ^_^

    I haven't had much Dutch foods so I won't talk about them but Japanese cuisine oooo I love it!

    Teriyaki chicken - yum!!! EAT its a must! '-'!
    Fried rice - Delicious but not just a Japanese cuisine but an Asian cuisine.
    Curry rice - yummy! I love chicken curry rice the most
    Saki - GAH THE BEST!!!

    Yea I haven't ate much of either cultural backgrounds of mine... but I love American food too much I guess v_v I'll eat more when I move to Japan I suppose lol...


    I'm on my grind in search to find whats on my mind, its one of a kind!

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    Re: your ethnic food

    since im polish ima give a breakdown of my culture.

    Polish cuisine (Polish: kuchnia polska) is a mixture of Slavic and foreign culinary traditions.

    and here are my favourite main courses:

    * pierogi - dumplings, usually filled with sauerkraut and/or mushrooms, meat, potato and/or savory cheese, sweet curd cheese with a touch of vanilla, or blueberries or other fruits -- optionally topped with sour cream, and sugar for the sweet versions. home made pierogies can be filled with other mixtures like my favourite tomatoes and potatoes, because the combined flavour is rele strong and will get your mouth oosing.

    and here are my fav desserts:

    # makowiec - poppyseed-swirl cake and i like it because it has a resemblance to a normal cake. it has sweet icing at the top and the crust that surrounds it is hard and crunchy. my fav part is the middle with the poppyseeds, because it tastes like cinnamon bread that has been sweetened, and my fav has to be when it is dipped in warm milk.

    srry Kedar
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    Re: your ethnic food

    @ Raimann: If you are cutting and pasting stuff from a different site, the text should be "quote" tagged. Like this, for example:
    Quote Originally Posted by Raimann View Post
    Polish cuisine (Polish: kuchnia polska) is a mixture of Slavic and foreign culinary traditions. Born as a mixture of various culinary traditions, both of various regions of Poland and surrounding cultures, it uses a large variety of ingredients. It is rich in meat of all kinds and with spices, as well as in different kinds of noodles and dumplings, the most notable of which are the pierogi. It is related to other Slavic cuisines in usage of kasza and other cereals, but was also under the heavy influence of Turkic, Germanic, Hungarian, Jewish, French or colonial cuisines of the past. Generally speaking, Polish cuisine is rich, substantial and relatively high in fat. Poles allow themselves a generous amount of time in order to enjoy their meals.
    ~! So, either make a post using your own words, explaining what you want to send across, or "quote" something off a site, but still briefly answer the original thread question in your own words.

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