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Thread: Your favorite InuYasha character.

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    Your favorite InuYasha character.

    My fave InuYasha caracter is InuYasha and Kikyo. I can't deside between them.
    I love InuYasha because, well what's not to like? He's cute, strong, nice (some times) and I pity him.
    I like Kikyo because my friends say I am like her. I don't know.
    I think my friends are crazy.
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    Re: Your favorite InuYasha character.

    my favorite is inuyasha. he's strong,handsome,lovable,independent, protective,sensitive(on the inside), and loyal (idk if i can say that). i think i'm like him because i have few friends, i have trust issues, we like to protect our loved ones,we're both stubborn lol, we have bad tempers, and we can be very dense to our surroundings lol.

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    Re: Your favorite InuYasha character.

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    We already have this topic in the InuYasha series sub-forum...

    Duplicate thread topic... Closing...
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