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Thread: Your Final Wish

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    Re: Your Final Wish

    wow..that is one tough question....
    But my last wish would probably be for the person that I love. So that he would continue living in happiness and prosperity and surround him with people who would continue loving him. Basically so that he would have a fulfilling life.
    or if not that, then if I am going to die before I finish writing my book..then for someone to continue working on it and to finally publish it.

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    Re: Your Final Wish

    Well this is a taoughie for me since i will want to wish for a lot. lol but basically it will be for the most important people in my life friends and family. That they have all the happiness even after i pass away.
    "In your arms is where i will be, I love you till my forever ends."
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    Re: Your Final Wish

    Hmmm.......I would have to say that last wish would be........
    (OK. This is going to sound weird, or might even make me look inconsiderate to others feelings. But I am just being as honest as I can. So please bear with me...)
    I will have to go with dyeing without leaving a trace of my existence. I could easily have said "to have another life" like a lot of other people had, but in my opinion, my life had some one in a lifetime moments. And I want to R.I.P. with those thoughts that may never become a reality again if I wish for a new life. I say to leave without a trace because I really, really, REALLY dislike people feeling bad over something that involves me. I just makes me mad.

    I was making a skate video with some friends. I was planning to do a cool trick over a flight of stairs. I told everyone that I was going to do it 1-2 weeks before I actually did it. Knowing the people that I know (family+friends included), they wont try to stop me. They try to do the trick, and I mess up. And when its all over, all I get is a dislocated shoulder (surprised I didn't break a bone, but glad none the less^^). When I call my family, tell them what happened, they go into a big depression, as if I actually died. They will cry up a storm, they'll talk about "Who did this to you?!?", when I told them that I did it myself. They will even try to pick me up and take me to the hospital, even thought it happened 2 blocks over, the hospital is 4 blocks over from the house, and I can easily relocate my shoulder back into the socket. So if people that I know act like that when I get into a small accident, I don't want to know what happens when I die. My family will more than likely be in a depression for month or something like that. And that will not sit well with me knowing that.

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    Re: Your Final Wish

    this may sound stupid but i'd wish i had played more games rather than work.
    fear the reaper

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    Re: Your Final Wish

    My wish.. That me and my loved one can come back as Kittens and live our next lives together as kitties. ^^ I know I know I'm crazy..
    X.x.X The only thing I'll ever want... X.x.X

    X.x.X Is for you to love me the way I love you.. X.x.X

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    Re: Your Final Wish

    Interesting wishes that all of you have, but there is a common thing of all you there may be good wishes, and on the other hand there are a few wishes that may be the worth of regretting on what to do when you die.

    The first wish i had start out with was really not the kind of me into wishing it, since i cannot start my life again in the same place. There are good things in life that no one has had the chance to realize on what people do realize that having one final wish and nothing else can really make it tough, that is why i chose this update wish; I would wish to regain my life back as a total different person with a new whole appearence, and with the same attributes like; personality trait, manners, thinking ability, some common sense, etc.

    I updated this, for a special reason that there is a loved one that wants to have the same wish i have, and i wanted to be fair with her that is why i chose this final wish. Having this wish does consider to have a purpose in life, because life cannot decide your next faith only you can control on what to do next over the next time life. I honestly think your wishes are better then mine, even though i have not taken the time to really think about it for days.

    All you, have different certain degree of wishes that mean to you and hopefully it does indeed come true that way you do not end up loneliness.
    Unlike being selfish for you to stick thinking about yourself.

    Magic intervenes when there is love in first sight.

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    Re: Your Final Wish

    Well I guess, when i die... the only thing I could ask for, and I think that starting a new life would be just too much to ask, because it means to turn all the world's time back, it could change so many things... I'd be afraid of the consequences and I'd be afraid I'd take even worse decisions in my second cance of life and I know I couldn't wait to meet the important people in my life and that means I couldn't concentrate on the current days events, which would make me even less comunicative.
    But yah, anyways, the only thing I could wish would be for there to be a life after death and that I could live there forever happy with my beloved one ^^ That's really the only thing I'd wish, just in case there is no life after death ^^

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    Re: Your Final Wish

    Why such a tough question!?! Anywho, If I had a wish it would be that I'm not forgotten by my loved ones and that all that I worked for was for nothing and the world wouldn't be destroyed and all records be destroyed along with it. So yeah the ideal of my wish would be to not be forgotten.

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