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Thread: Is your life truly worth living?

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    Is your life truly worth living?

    I'm sure everyone has come to a point in there life when they question why it is that they continue on living i would like to know your reason.

    I myself am apathetic towards life i enjoy a few things suffer here and there but nothing really bothers me anymore i just go on enduring without reason .

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    Re: Is your life truly worth living?

    I believe that anybody who lives has a life worth living. It's more of a matter of preference really. If you experience nothing but bad things in life, you will probably never see the good and--in plenty of cases--contemplate suicide. (Not sayin' you are on that level)

    My brother for example. He told me (well, and you too Chaos) that he was contemplating suicide due to his current position in life; what with being homeless and having lost his mother just this past autumn. He may feel like life is no longer worth living and therefore, decides to think of ways to rub himself from exsitence. Though he hasn't attempted anything, sometimes I feel like--and I hate to say it--he might as well, because he's just trudging through life with little to no thought about his actions, or the consequences that would follow. So maybe he feels like that...

    I really can't speak for others though. I feel like my life is worth living every day. Even in my rough times, I feel like I have to continue living until it is my time to go. I have too much ambition to just give up on life and I have too many goals, not only for myself but for my son and my younger siblings who don't really know how the world works yet. On that note: My son is truly what keeps me tethered to reality and keeps me in good spirits. He's my main reason for living and if he can enjoy life, then I can as well.

    Life is very under-appreciated by many and there are few who realize that it's the most precious gift you could ever recieve.

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    Re: Is your life truly worth living?

    Yes.It is. If it was not life would never be granted in the first place.
    You could've been any alien being on anyother planet. but no, you were created as you on this earth for a reason.
    Think about it.

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    Re: Is your life truly worth living?

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Not really a 'Debate' topic... Moving to the Cyberlounge...
    FAVOURITE THREADS EXPLAIN why, or risk an infraction.
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    Re: Is your life truly worth living?

    Well, due to the lack of other options I came to the conclusion it's best to just try and enjoy the life we have here.
    Everyone is worth living. Seriously, the birth of you's kinda the best thing which happened in your life. Life can be a truly wonderful thing!
    Of course, if lots of bad stuff happened, one might feel differently about it. But you never know what will happen in the future. I bet there will happen some good things in your life, which will make it worth having endured it.
    You are now breathing manually. :P


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    Re: Is your life truly worth living?

    There have been times when I just coulden't stand living but after thinking about why I didn't want to live I came to realize I coulden't stand peoples stupidty overlaping the sence I made as a child. There were even times I was standing with a sword to my chest ready to end it all.

    The last time I held a sword to my chest I was in the hill country in cental texas, the time was spring and night was the sean with the nearest town a half hour drive and no city light to block out the sky, stars and moon light filled the sky instead with peace writen in the stars. Crickits singing, birds still cherping and a gentle breas lifted my hair and clothes as if I were flying. I flet bliss like never before as if my Indian anseters were there calling me to lissen. I would never trade that moment for anything in this world or any other.

    Thats when it all came to me that humans wern't the only thing in this exsittens that I shoulden't base my atention on one thing, and that there was more to keep me here, things that were rare but never gone for good.

    I put my sword down and began looking around to see all the world had to ofer and so much in the middle of texas, I though to my self what else can I find in this new world I have dicovered.

    So when you ask is life worth living I say yes, just look around and find something that life dosen't though at you.
    Kamen Rider....DECADE!!!

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    Re: Is your life truly worth living?

    Life in essence is barren like a desert. Suffering is everywhere. Pleasure can be found in some hedonistic fashion. I find meaning though in being a servant. My life is not for myself but for those I am happy to serve. Nurturing another life and finding peace and happiness at the alleviation of other people's suffering can bring enlightenment towards a truly meaningful life. One must transcend self and see others. So many people. So many needs. Life can be overbearingly daunting.. but there is still a promise of a new day. One day at a time. One goal at a time. Take control. There is power in it. Most of all experience love... for self, for others, for a higher power. Happiness makes life bearable and wisdom can be found in the tiniest detail of a shell, a joke between old buddies, and expressions of love and support from those who feel awkward doing so... those moments that makes one say "wouldn't have missed that for the world".

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    Re: Is your life truly worth living?

    I think that every life no matter how small is worth living.
    Just by being alive your making someone else happy, even though they dont show it or you may not even know who they are.
    Everyone is a small speck in something much bigger I think.
    So I just keep my head up and accept whats coming my way.
    And even if you think life isent worth living no matter what just remember this
    Life is short, it'll be over quick and before you know it.
    "You think you know me...? You have no idea."

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