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Thread: Is your life truly worth living?

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    Re: Is your life truly worth living?

    "Life is worth living, if you or some one doesnt believe it is, then make it worth living."

    Thats my basic idiology and quoat on the mater. I could go into a huge shpeal on why it is worth living but I have been in enough threads explaining why it is and I am getting tired of sounding like a broken recored.

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    Re: Is your life truly worth living?

    Quote Originally Posted by ChaosTempest View Post
    I'm sure everyone has come to a point in there life when they question why it is that they continue on living i would like to know your reason.

    I myself am apathetic towards life i enjoy a few things suffer here and there but nothing really bothers me anymore i just go on enduring without reason .

    I'm the same way, but the 1 reason that i haven't killed my self, is because of my family, and my lover who is always there to help me through things, even if it doesn't involve him.

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    Re: Is your life truly worth living?

    Well of Course it is.

    ||May as well get into it||

    Why I still want to live, just so I can see all those that have giving me pain get there. What?! I am not a forgiving person as I have lead many to believe. So what !?~

    I live because I don't want to die until maybe my parents do. I don't know what will come after they are gone if you know what I mean. They've been with me so long. ~~
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    Re: Is your life truly worth living?

    My life is worth living only in the fact that I live for others. I live to give it seems. I love and provide a place to belong for some. I give others a reason to keep going through hatred.

    Our love will go on until the end of time. I will always be yours and you will be mine.

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    Re: Is your life truly worth living?

    What kind of question..... is this?

    Is YOUR life worth living? I mean... you endure without reason?... So you don't feel like there's a REASON for your existence you just wake up breathe and go to sleep?

    Unfortunately we don't get a choice of weather or not we live initially. And to disrupt the continuance of your life, intentionally, is to take away from the natural order.

    Im not big on religion, so I wont say suicide is a sin. But it IS a cop out. You dont live life because it's worth it. You live life to make it worth it.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Is your life truly worth living?

    All life is worth living.
    It's life.
    So much to do. So much to explore. So much to live for.
    Even when times are tough, even when you hit the dirt, if you look hard enough: You can find something there truly worth living for.

    Life's a blank canvas. And the only reason why it seems mucky and ugly, is because everyone else is drawing p*nis*s and curses on it - while others love smudging everyone else's drawings - and others love critiquing other people's works.
    In other words: If life sucks, it's because we made it this way.
    Don't blame anything higher than yourself, and don't blame others unless you blame yourself first.

    My life? Definitely worth living.
    In all honesty, I live for my darling "M".
    Life became complete when I met her.
    I've always been kinda' needy in a love relationship, and she gave me that and so much more than I could've imagined. It really answered all the questions I never asked, and made all my "big questions" seem like tiny worries.
    My life's complete for all I care.

    It still gets tough, it still gets bothersome, but it's always going to be this way as long as there are other creatures here on this planet. Well, at least as long as we all keep acting this way (we can change things, but it's highly improbable).
    I don't mind too much though, it's to be expected.

    ^^; However, I do mind that I'm born with an awful luck.
    If you don't believe in luck: You've never lived my life. I mean it.
    ...people who say they have awful luck have never met me.
    I literally can't rest because of my luck.
    I can calm down, I can sleep, but I'm always aware.

    But y'know what? Because of this awful luck, I've got an interesting life. So it's a blessing in disguise.

    And people: Don't waste your time trying to force people to change their meaning in life... You can help them see your point, you can suggest, you can even hint at it. But it's their life, if their life really is as empty as you say it is, they'll soon realize it.
    But everyone has their own way of living - whether good or bad.

    Life's worth living.
    If you want to commit suicide: take a step back, calmly count to 10, and think about what you want to do if life were easier.
    If you want to enter emptiness, let me put it this way: It'll suck for you if there's no emptiness on the other side. And you're gonna' have to deal with it for the rest of eternity.

    Life's here......... because we're here to understand something.
    Understand that part of us that's missing.
    Understand why the universe keeps ticking this way.
    Understand where and who we really are.
    Understand and appreciate.

    Don't be selfish. We all got here the same way. If you end up in a crappy part of this universe, you just gotta' work your way out of it, and you'll see another perspective of this universe by doing so.
    Life's always worth living. It's an open book, and you're the author.

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    Re: Is your life truly worth living?

    Do I believe my life is worth living for myself? No. Not at all. If it were all for me then life wouldn;t be fun or challenging, and I wouldn;t have to actually try to achieve anything.

    Do I believe my life is worth living for others? Yes. I will do anything I can to make another person happy, sacrificing my comfortability, my happiness, and my time in order to put a smile on some one;s face.
    Why hello there!

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    Re: Is your life truly worth living?

    I once decided that if I found nothing worth saving in myself by October 31st (a morbid date, I know), I'd snuff myself out of this world. I didn't care about anyone because I was very selfish, but on Halloween eve, I came to a conclusion. Now obviously I'm still here, so don't want to spoil the ending but I made it.

    My conclusion was this: if I had the capacity to think that there was nothing inside of me worth saving, then I must be able to think enoughto change that. Basically I was telling myself I had nothing to live for, so why not say something different? I changed my mind for a short period of time. Why not? And I did find joy in others, but I also found something in myself, a fleeting sense of worth.
    "So take a piece, but not too much."

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