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Thread: Is your life truly worth living?

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    Re: Is your life truly worth living?

    Im unsure really i mean i wanna live life and see where it takes me and i wanna get everything i wanna do done before i decide that it was worth living. I just think that when you get out in the world if you dont have the job that you want then you might not be having any fun at all and must be working to just live i am still a kid i wil never be a true adult all true adults are to serious and have no play even len miyata is still a kid he has fun alot of the times im sure i dont belive he is allways serious. Real adults are ppl that work all there lives and never have fun, they need to give them selves some time to just have fun as long as you get time to play then you will have a life worth living... my life is worth living but im also living it more for others as well there are ppl out there that depend on me and i depend on them as well. So to answer the question yes My life is worth living for myself and other but it is worth it. i wouldnt want my mother to be upset that she brought me into this world for me to put myself out of it. Yes my life is worth living.
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    Re: Is your life truly worth living?

    yes because my life has reason but no because i think life without reason is worth living more than on without reason.

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