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Thread: Your mom or your Spouse

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    Your mom or your Spouse

    Imagine you are driving on a very unfamiliar road and a steep hill takes you further and faster, then your brakes go out. Your panicking and don’t know what to do. You see a sign that says “dead end” you start to freak out now. Then you see your mom to the left and behind her is a safe spot to crash, and then on the right you see your Spouse (or who ever you love) and behind them is another safe spot. Then there is the straight way ahead… death.

    So if you went left your mom dies and you live.

    If you went Right your spouse (or lover) dies and you live.

    And if you go ahead, they live and you die.

    Which way would you go? No other options but those three.

    Chose carefully!

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    Re: Your mom or your Spouse

    Most likely anyone would choose to save themself and their mother because they would be disowned by their family and it is also like biting the hand that feeds you. plus the old saying "blood is thicker than water" fraise could be used in a situation like this. So if you choose to save yourself and one other "Mother/Spouse" you would be considered selfish and would have to live with the thought that you had the choice to choose who lives and dies.

    I think that I would rather be the one who drives off the cliff even though it is easier said then done.

    Unless i had the option of diving out of the car and onto the road.

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    Re: Your mom or your Spouse

    My mother. She would be heart broken to see one of her children die anyhow and is already in bad health. Plus your lover will have to repay me, a great guilt trip.

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    Re: Your mom or your Spouse

    I would choose to die instead of either my loved ones...I care more about them than I care about myself...they would get over it eventually I suppose...if not then at least they're alive...

    oops...they saw us...*to you* didn't just see that...

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    Re: Your mom or your Spouse

    This is a pretty sick game. But what it is is just that, a forum game.

    You did leave out another possibility that people who don't really know how to drive leave out or don't consider. I'd first release the accelerater, and Shift down into a lower gear, and keep doing so, letting the cars transmission slow me down until I'm at a safe speed to apply the Emergency/Parking break (You know that lever that's in between the Drivers and passenger seat, thats what its there for

    No one dies.


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