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Thread: Your most hated food!

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    Your most hated food!

    Do u remember when you were little and you were sitting at the dinner table. Your mom made you your favourite dinner and you enjoy it heartily. Then, she says thats she has a nice surprise for you. You're all excited about it thinking that you're getting ice cream or chocolate cake for dessert. when she returns from the Kitchen with a big bowl in her hand, you unfortunately find out that its quite the opposite. She approches the table with your worst enemy in hand... VEGETABLES . She puts a large amount in your plate and repeats the slogan you hear at the table over and over again.
    "Now dear you must eat all your veggies in order to become healthy and strong"
    So much for Popeye

    As you matured and got to realise that vegetables ARE good for you, you also came to dislike other foods that make your stomach go into auto-reject mode at the taste and do an involuntary imitation vomit action at the sight and smell. For all my vegetarian friends at AO of whom mom's habitual speeches and motherly forceful nature finally got to your head that vegetables are good for you and now you eat it overtime, I bet that you have a food that you've hated almost all your life (besides meat).
    That's why I want to hear from all of you.
    What is your most hated food?

    For me it was and will always will be BANANAS and BUTTER (what you paste on your bread) The sight of bananas makes me shiver with disgust and the taste of butter makes me wanna puke.

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    Re: Your most hated food!


    Well...thats a nice topic.. *clears throat* well my most hated food is my dad's favourite... well when i was younger... my family is a bit poor..if you asked me.. i never even seen a video game by that time.. so we can't afford to eat my favourite which is...chicken...

    Thus...we ate my dad's favourite...little dried fish soup cooked with potatoes... yuck...

    it's the worse thing i ever ate... and i ate a bug by accident before and that soup is worse to me..

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    Re: Your most hated food!

    This is more a topic for the Cyber Lounge Forum. Thus...


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    Re: Your most hated food!

    Quote Originally Posted by abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy View Post
    That's why I want to hear from all of you.
    What is your most hated food?
    Anything with cheese or catsup or mustard . . . any condiment, really. I refuse to eat things made of pork (not because I'm Jewish, but because I don't like its taste).

    And I'm allergic to mint, so a lot of desserts are off limits.

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    Re: Your most hated food!

    Chitterlings! (or chitilns--whatever you wanna call 'em) Ugh... Talk about nasty!

    They're pig intestines and they are soooooooo GROSS!!! They look, smell AND taste like literal CRAP! I can't understand why so many of my relatives can sit there and wolf that crap down!

    I can remember one Thanksgiving, my dad and I were eating in front of the bar in his basement. He's got this big ol' bowl full of chitterlings and I'm starin' at it like, WTF would you put that next to me? He looks at me and says, "You better get your own damn bowl, boy! I ain't sharin' mine with you!" I said to him, "Sorry pops, I don't eat pig booty!" LOL.

    They are sooooo GROSS!

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    Re: Your most hated food!

    not vegetables a a whole, but a large portion of them. topping the list is broccoli and cabbage....

    mustard is also terrible, the smell makes me sick to my stomach..

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    Re: Your most hated food!

    My most hated food...would have to be squash! That stuff is just gross! No matter how you cook it its just nasty! Besides I just don't like yellow veggies.

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    Re: Your most hated food!

    I hate mushrooms! I can't stand the texture. The falvor isn't bad but the texture of most cooked mushrooms makes me hurl!

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