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Thread: Your Religion?

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    Your Religion?

    I'm PRETTY sure this has been made already, BUT I'm new, and I'm curious. Of course some of you will lack the self-respect and respect to not attack others on their views. But try your best to NOT be human, just read their thoughts, if it goes against your own, deal with it. Don't cry and attack them...though it's kinda stupid to try and tell humans to NOT attack others for their views oh well. Here I go. Also side note: I posted it in here, because I don't want this as a debate or want "Confrontation" just a way to say your thoughts.

    What's your religion, or philisophical view?

    I guess I'll start. I don't have a religion, to me it'd make me a conformist. I dis-like religion, I hate it. And I REALLY hate the ideal there is a god, the all-mighty creator. I can't stand it, but I have to, and yes I hate the Bible, and Christian ideals, but that's me (I'm not attacking anyone, I'm just saying my view). If anything I'm a mix of Zen Buddhism, Philisophical Satanism, and LaVeyan Satanism, I however CAN'T call LaVeyan Satanism a religion. Sure it gives out standards, but ti's more so like Zen Buddhism, ALMOST by meanng you give you stand, end of. To continue my pathetic rant, I view us just as balls of energy, and there IS a energy flowing ALL around us 9Magick, "The Force", whatever). And I conclude that it CAN be manipulated to OUR will. And once we die, our inner energy comes to be with one with the one flowing all over. I guess you ca say I tink there IS reincarnation, I just say that at times the Energy will stray off, and enter a vacant object in the "Material Realm". Yet sometimes at death the Energy does NOT join the giant flow, that's my definition to why there are ghosts, lol.

    Now for more, I basically say, indulge in your strongest feeling. Weather it be lust, love, hate, sloth, (Emotions + human nature A.K.A "Seven Deadly Sins"). All of that, yet I further contradict myself by hating humans. Mainly for we are ignorant and contradict ourselves, lol (Ouh I AM pathetic). et I also say seek Self Gratification your own way, thus where I say hav eyour freedom of religion, even IF that happiness is by worshipping a diety whom is the image of the "Perfect Human". More so I do view as "God" as the image for the "Perfect Human", which I believe, well know is impossible to acheive, and to me Satan is just a symbol of humanity. I'm sure you wonder WHY I say "Hail Satan". It's hard for me to really explain. In a way you CAN say Satan is part of us, but Satan is just a word, more so like everything ese. It's the connection that matters. The connection of the Word Satan, is well, linked to Human Nature. And to me, Human Nature, human instinct is a way of happiness, so I say "Hail Satan" in a way of saying "Hail us" Even though I AM Misanthropic, and completely contradict myself.

    And that's kinda it...hey...I did that without really attacking others religion9for once....) especially Christianity, I am proud of myself.

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    Re: Your Religion?

    Well, i was baptized Catholic, so yeah i am a Catholic guy. I don't go to church because salvation can be obtained in many ways. Most Catholics think that by going to church every freaking Sunday salvation can be achieved. I stopped going to church five years ago because every time i went there i would feel uncomfortable, i guess the Holy places don't like me at all.

    I am an open minded Catholic person. I don't care whether you are gay or lesbian because God loves us all no matter what you are. I get upset when religious fanatics discriminate because they are gay or lesbian. I think these type of fanatics will burn in hell for being a bunch of idiots.

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    Re: Your Religion?

    Quote Originally Posted by Aleister Sithis View Post
    I guess I'll start. I don't have a religion, to me it'd make me a conformist. I dis-like religion, I hate it. And I REALLY hate the ideal there is a god, the all-mighty creator. I can't stand it, but I have to, and yes I hate the Bible, and Christian ideals, but that's me (I'm not attacking anyone, I'm just saying my view).
    Hate is a strong word. I'd understand if you said you disagree with those views, but hate? Wow! What did the Christians do to you? >_< Maybe it's just the Satanism kickin' in, LOL. *Humor*

    Anywho, to answer your question: I don't really have a religion. I chose to be more of a spiritual man. I DO believe there is a God, a supreme being that created this universe and all life that's in it, but I don't believe in most Christian views. I DO believe in reincarnation and energy transfer. If you die, you are born in to something/someone else and that process continues until the end of days. I DO agree with most religious morals--y'know, repspect your fellow man and all that rot--but I don't go to church, I don't pray--I meditate--I read books on focusing Chi and how to live a life in peace. I try to be one with myself and my surroundings, because in order to be one with the Gods, you must be one with yourself and the universe.

    I was raised in a church, grew up as a Christian--most of my family is still Christian--but I don't agree with certain views in the bible and I don't agree with messages that are preached but never practiced. So I gave up "the faith" for my own spiritual development.

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    Re: Your Religion?

    I'm a christian, albeit, not a "conventional" one. I believe that "God" is like a parent tryin' ta "teach" their child ta walk or ride a bicycle; carefully tryin' ta guide them 'til their balance is jus' right. Then lettin' go so that they can attempt on their own, helpin' them back upon their feet if they should fall, and attemptin' it all over again. I equate heaven ta a grand, opulent mansion; one with many doors and windows leadin' inside. And there's a doorman at the front door, holdin' it open, and with a gesture he is invitin' u inside. The doorman is how I view Christ, sure there r other doors which lead inside, but his is the easiest and simplest way. U could go in through the front door, the other doors, or jus' simply not go inside; there is no pressure and the door is always open should u ever change ur mind. Of course there's more ta my belief, but I wouldn' feel right if I bored u wit all of the details. Hope u understand.

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    Re: Your Religion?

    I am also a Christian.

    I feel that God is the father of all people and all humanity, were all like brothers and sisters in the eyes of Christ. My view of this is that if we want to believe it or not, God is there. So u better be good.lol

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    Re: Your Religion?

    I prefer to say that I am not part of any religion although I was baptized. I will choose one when I find one that makes sense to me and isn't hypocritical.

    Our love will go on until the end of time. I will always be yours and you will be mine.

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    Re: Your Religion?

    i dont have a specific religion.
    i believe in god, yet i really agree with some daoist and buddhist aspects.
    i am just very versatile and open to religion. unless it WAY out there..

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    Re: Your Religion?

    Just going to state something here: Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ and holds him as their personal redeemer and savior is a Christian.

    "Christian" is not a religion, Catholic, Lutheran, or any church that believes in Jesus Christ those would be considered Christian religions.

    For me, I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or as we are more commonly called, Mormons. I'm not active at the moment (Meaning I haven't been to church for a while, in my case in over 3 years).

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