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Thread: Your Theme Song/s

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    Your Theme Song/s

    We all have had moments where, upon listening to a song, we think "wow, that songs sounds a lot like me!"

    I'm here to inquire, what do you, the members of AO, consider to be your theme song/s?

    For the love of your various gods, describe why the song/s is/are your theme/s in at least three sentences.

    I believe the song that fits me the most is Hall of the Mountain King by Apocalyptica. It is an instrumental song, but i find that it fits well, for a person like me needs no introduction. I find that i;d rather make an impact with my actions rather than my words, for my words may be confusing, so an instrumental (albeit a rather angry sounding) piece seemed like the best course for me.

    Also, upon thinking about it for a moment, it is a revamped version of a classical orchestral piece, which is how i view myself. I tend to try to show morals of the past with demonstrations familiar to the present, just as this song brought a song from the past back and put it in their own style.
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    Re: Your Theme Song/s

    Well if there ever was a theme song for me then Unbound by Avenged Sevenfold would be it. It's a good way to discribe basicly how my life was and to where and who I am now and how big of a difference I have changed sense then as well as my views and morels I have from being very neggative and depressed to being much happier and hopeful. It's truly a wonderfull song to listen.

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    Re: Your Theme Song/s

    I would have to say my theme song would be Fall for You- Secondhand Serenade. Except it would be about a boy and not a girl. I think it fits me because I have problems in relationships and I always think that my ideal guy is impossible to find.

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    Re: Your Theme Song/s

    i dont know ..how a song will describe me..im a pretty werid person..lol..but i can relate to the song "Thousand Words" - the theme song for FFX-2 ...its about that distance love and how will u ever be together type..u know..i was distance with my fiance and it felt ;like we would never be together..so just having that hope makes the love stronger ..and so eventually we ended being together ..^____^ (just like Yuna and Tidus)

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    Re: Your Theme Song/s

    I think the song that is me is "Let's Dance to Joy Division" by The Wombats; it's a song that simply saids that ones life is going badly but ironicly that same life for that person is a hapy one. This relates to me because I'm happy with my life but it has gone badly in the last few years... ironic right?
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    Re: Your Theme Song/s

    100 years by five for fighting . why? because i believe that a year can be summed in a moment to be something or do something or be with someone. Life can be short no matter how much time you have in your hands.
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    Re: Your Theme Song/s

    Mine? Well for me it's sort of complicated. Like, I think of myself of having a split personality, one being myself, Isaac, the other being an entity that is more so the violent, insane, brave person I want to be named Joker...I'm weird I know but nobody knows themselves better than themselves right?

    Anyway my theme song would be Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz, not because of the songs meaning per say, but the feel and different emotions throughout the song. The song has a very funny and silly side which shows my attitude sometimes, it also gets very sad and lonely at parts which also fits apart of me too. Then it also has a very mellow and relaxed flow to it in the song, which also describes my laid-back attitude.

    Then there's Joker. That side of me's theme song is called 515 by Slipknot. I say that is my other sides theme because it sounds sadistic and enraged. It sounds like I get to kill and rip and shred all the ppl in my life away and kill off everything in my life that brings me such sorrow and anger and frustrations...

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    Re: Your Theme Song/s

    hmm, i dont know anyother time,but right now it is Teo Torriate by Queen. i love that song and it perfectly describes who i am and what im going through

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