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Thread: Your Theme Song/s

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    Re: Your Theme Song/s

    LOL. Mine would probably be some kind of hyper,fun,energetic song..like the spongebob one "Ohhh...who lives in a house in a weird city..iluvmyloser!!" LOL..or a remix of Spiderman..
    Yeah, Bye.

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    Re: Your Theme Song/s

    This is Me by Demi Lovato.
    It justs describe the real me.
    People think I'm not myself, but I am.

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    Re: Your Theme Song/s

    "so what" by pink

    yea, because the song is basically a sod off, i love you kind of theme. My now ex has decided to break off our relationship, so if he does something bad out at school, i wont be hurt. Basically i was mad, I still love him, but basically i hate him in the same since. I can make it without him, and still have fun while living my life

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    Question Re: Your Theme Song/s

    hmmm... I have a lot of theme songs... But, the one that fits me the most is Pain By Jimmy Eat World. I don't know why but, it reminded myself of how i am sometimes.

    Vampire Freaks☠I am not going 2 be on for awhile... ☠

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    Re: Your Theme Song/s

    I reckon my theme song changes every other day, because I'm always going through crazy mood swings. Right now, though it's Aishi (Kanashi) by RADWIMPS.
    It's not so much the music that describe me; it's really the lyrics. They speak of the fickleness of the human heart, how we keep chasing after people, then
    shoving them aside at our convenience, then blurring them out like mosaics before going out to look for "love" again. I don't know about the rest of you, but
    I'm guilty of doing that a lot. Once I decide I don't like someone, I just rub their faces out of the photograph of my life and go seek out someone else. Or I'll
    suddenly have a random change of heart and be "friends" once again. Sigh, yeah, I can be that selfish.

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    Re: Your Theme Song/s

    If I had a theme song, I think it would have to be 'Koi no Mega Lover' by Maximum the Hormone. Sometimes I watch the video and I look at the dorky guy sitting at the party like he's the sh*t and it reminds me of myself from time to time. I'm usually that dorky guy at your party who thinks he's the sh*t. "Do you know who I am? ...Do you know who I think I am?" LOL!

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    Re: Your Theme Song/s

    Man I have so many theme songs... Ummm I am going to have to go with "Emotional" by Carl Thomas... The reason is because I am very emotional & the songs pretty sums up what I been through in all of my meaningful relationships... And I think it plays on how I am now pretty much... YouTube - Carl Thomas - Emotional

    I might list some others, cause like I said earlier I am emotional, so of course I am going to have all mix feelings... Just put it like this whatever mood I am in there is a theme song for me... But "Emotional" is the link behind most...

    The heart can't lie... Truth is... I love you!!!

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