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Thread: your town taken over by zombies

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    Re: your town taken over by zombies

    Depending on how the outbreak occurs depends on how i would react.
    First if most of my friends and family survive the initial outbreak I wouldnt care about the town i would first try and escape. If no escape is possible id try and get everyone into and easily defendable place and try and wait it out hoping that we kill all the zombies as they come at us, or wait for them to die of their own accord (if these were those kind of zombies, or hope to be rescued by military.
    Now secondly if i was the only of my freinds and family I would relax around the town. I believe that i know my town enough that i can easily get around the zombies. i would find some good places that i can turn into slepping/resting area and stash soem weapons,food,drinks, cloths, medicine. After getting those safe spots secure then id walk,run, sneak, or watever else i can do and see if i could get a ruff eastimate of how many zombies there are, find out where they like to hang out, and see how fast they can move or cordinate with each other. And if i think the situation is right id stay in town and move around between my safe spots and id carry a small pistol and knife with me incase i meet any zombies along the way (if there are to many I would run). Also if i encounter a lobe zombie id try and kill it. If everything goes well id slowly pick off all the zombies. Though after scouting and i find that i dont like the situation id pack up supplies and leave.
    Any way those would be my two plans of action.

    Made by me.

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    Re: your town taken over by zombies

    When zombies take over the town (lets say it could happen, it dont matter) there are a few simple steps.

    1. you get lots of guns.
    2. you find the zombies.
    3. you shoot them in the head.

    thank you. i hope this was helpful.
    The chibis, they want my COOKIES.

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