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Thread: Blank Slate

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    Blank Slate

    I'm so confused. I feel like I'm being pulled in too many directions, and I have too much stuff to do. I wish the world would just stop spinning for a day so I can sleep, eat, etc.

    Seems like am always distracted by someone or something, and then all of sudden I'm running out of time. Don't have enough time to sleep, I wake up late, run out the door to work, no time to eat, then I work 8 hours, go home, talk to people, then BAM its 6am and I try to get a bit of shut eye. And repeat.

    Then I have people who I feel are toying with me, I don't understand them at all. Like one minute they will be super nice then the next they are so cold and distant. I'm not sure people actually like me for me, I always feel like they are just using me for one thing or another. I guess I should stop thinking and just try to be happy.

    My best friend from kindergarten texted me, she wants to get together again. I kinda miss her, we have been friends for a long time now seeing that were old. She is married with kids, and I have no one. However her marriage is dead and they only stay together for the kids. So I'm not too envious.

    This week is customer service week at work, usually customer service week rocks, this week kinda sucks though, they took out all the fun. They used to give out prizes and stuff. Now they just gave everyone a thanks for your hard work award. Saturday is PJ day, I feel weird wearing PJ's to work but it is comfy.

    I ordered a knife for my 3 year anniversary award from work. lol I couldn't think of getting anything else more suiting.

    My shift is changing again, 1:30 pm to 10:00 with Friday and Saturday off versus my current shift 3:30 to mid Sunday and Monday off. I do get Halloween off since its on a Saturday. I was thinking about being the grim reaper, because I found this cute girly grim reaper costume.

    And if you are wondering why I wrote down a whole bunch of different random stuff, its because I'm trying to get it off my mind so I can sleep.

    And flash chat is great, I never knew their were so many cool people here until now.
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    Re: Blank Slate

    Well guess what, you inadvertantly explained my usual day, just with out the constant changing of shifts. In any case, yeah, thats usualy the case for me, not having much time and constantly worring about work and all that and I have to work 9 hour days. Yay me. I don't think I need to go into to much detail sense you and I are in the same priverbial boat. I get Saterday and Sunday off but have no one really to spend it with. I don't have very many friends and they are always buisy with something else. My friend Mark is always at college and when he is home he is studdeing and or working on a project. His brother Vlad joined the USAF so I never see him any more. Nick#1 turned into a huge arse and has lost all my respect so I don't talk to him any more. Nick#2 moved to Ohio. Gary is constantly looking for a job/getting fired and being evicted from places, and Kat is always hangs around her boyfriend. All I have are my two younger brothers to hang out with but neither of them really wants to do anything or when they do they go to there friends houses and then I have no one. Speaking of no one, I have no love life either... Which after TWO YEARS I am still single... Which has gotten really old really fast. So in a nut shell, I have no one to spend time with when I do have time.

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    Re: Blank Slate

    Flash.... chat?

    I need to keep up with things.

    Going through an accelerated daily grind?
    Grindin' so hard an' fast ya' leavin' tire marks?

    I say you BAM back.
    You pick and choose who you have time for.
    Get things done one thing after another.
    One more thing BAM up?
    Put it on hold or trash another idea to BAM the new one in the face.
    BAM! BAM! BAM!

    Then set of a day where no BAM can occur and just reeeeeeeeeeelaaaaaaaaax.
    I'd go take a bubble bath or somethin'...
    ........ I really wish I had a bathtub... ...darn shower room.

    Grim Reaper? Abu's going to be a Valkyrie... not sure if I should be a Viking. I'm a tad scrawny compared to my idea of a Viking.


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    Re: Blank Slate

    So what you are saying is that when I catch you on flashchat at 2am my time I should yell at you to get some sleep? I was wondering why you were always up at that hour. A mild case of insomnia or do you not even try getting to bed before that?

    because I found this cute girly grim reaper costume.
    Pics. >.>

    I actually just got invited to a Zombie Halloween party, so I'm kinda excited about that. I haven't dressed up for Halloween in probably 6-8 years.
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