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Thread: Cheer up Buckaroo

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    Cheer up Buckaroo

    I got some pretty good news lately, so am kinda cheery for that. I also think my car is finally fixed! Started my new shift today, its weird having lunch at 5:00 instead of 7:30. I used to have the latest lunch shift, I had no problem finding my lunch in the fridge before. With my new lunch time it took me 5 minutes to find my lunch! lol

    My new desk at work is really dirty, so I'm going to have to clean it up a bit tomorrow when I have time. I hate looking at dust! A lot of people have pictures of their loved ones, I have a magazine cut out of Robert Pattinson. lol Honestly kind of bothered me in the past sitting at someones desk and they had pictures of their freaky children hanging up. I turned one of them around. Everyone likes Robert though.

    I love my new keyboard at work, it has I calculator button. I push the button and it pulls my calculator up. I <3 it.

    I got my 3 year work anniversary gift today, it was a knife. They wanted me to go put it in my car, I was like you shouldn't have offered it if you didn't want someone walking around work with a knife in their hand!

    On Halloween I think I'm going to watch some movies, someone suggested I watch "Trick or Treat" I have never heard of it though.
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    Re: Cheer up Buckaroo

    Whoa and finally you get your car fix, That’s Good and Yeah Congratulation for the Prize.But, I am just wondering why they Give you a Knife specially...it is from Gold or Diamond ...

    Honestly I didn’t see it but ,I look at it‘s summery and what the story will be , and how in this movie acts…but it seem better choise for me to watched this Halloween though..

    Trick 'r Treat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Re: Cheer up Buckaroo

    Awesome news, but Robert Pattinson, seriously. Aw I guess to each their own. Glad your car got fixed.

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    Re: Cheer up Buckaroo

    wow lol, I'd love to have a knife for a present. And thats great for your car, congratz on that. I've never seen trick or treat tho.
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