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Thread: Desperate Measures

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    Desperate Measures

    Ok so at the call center, they are making big changes recently! lol

    Sprint closed down a few call centers, then our call center fired like 200 some people a month ago, now we are lacking people to take phone calls. They came up with this plan that middle management is going to take regular calls, and upper management is going to take the questions & escalated calls for the next two weeks to help fill the staffing gap.

    I'm in middle management, and I see this plan failing big time. lol Because we keep the center running! Upper management barely knows how to work the system we use! Its going to be funny. I'm kind of glad to take regular calls again because it will be a breeze, like a vacation. Making a prediction I don't think it will last the full 2 weeks. We will see.

    Upper management is not taking the news too well, they threw a big fit, and they are huddled in corners talking about how horrible it is they have to take calls.
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    Re: Desperate Measures

    nothing funnier than suits running around when there's real work to be done~

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