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Thread: Exhausted.

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    Last night my friends came over and then kept me up until 5:30 am! It was hard to tell them to leave because I have not seen them in forever. I had to wake up at 10 am to go to work the next day.

    Then I was kinda zombie like through the day, amazingly I still can fix and troubleshoot issues when my brains not fully awake.

    Some guy I work with asked me out, to go his birthday party after work, I thought he was a cool guy until I found out he was going to be a minister. Like am not religious, I can't stand people that super religious. I feel like in life you have to make your own decisions and not let a religion make them for you. Ah, I have horrible taste in men.

    Whenever I got home I just fell asleep until my punk neighbor decided to have a party at 2:30 am. Which is ok, if they would keep it down. Seriously they woke me up out of a dead sleep. I don't know how they could be that loud.

    Oh how I dislike my neighbor, he doesn't have a car or a job. He just hangs out with his "just out of high school friends" all day long. Its like enough is enough, grow up already.

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    Re: Exhusted.

    Nothing says "Grow up" like a Cop knocking on your door and charging you with a Disturbing the Peace violation.

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    Re: Exhusted.

    i'd say a priest isn't too bad on the "horrible taste scale", was he nice?

    maybe you could ask him to talk to your neighbor and get him a job or something!

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