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Thread: To Expect the Unexpected

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    To Expect the Unexpected

    December 27, 2009 <> Jan 15, 2010 <> Feb 12, 2010 <> Feb 21, 2010

    You ask what these dates have in common. This is how many times my mom leaves her boyfriend, comes unexpected at 11 @ night to my house with most of her stuff, saying she is leaving him for good this time.

    I hate this, its like when I have everything worked out and I'm happy living alone. I have everything the way I want it, my mom comes over and now I can't have everything the way I want it.

    I only hope she leaves soon. She stresses me out, and I just want to be alone and chill in my house. Even if she leaves in another month or less, she will be back. Its a crazy cycle.

    I need a new mom.... my mom is broken and I can't fix her.

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    Re: Too Expect the Unexpected

    Nonsense... have you tried duct tape? It fixes EVERYTHING!

    Im only guessing she brought her cat again too.... man.....

    Have you ever told her, in a serious and calm way, how disruptive her inability to function on her own is to your life? I'm not sure if it'd do any good... Maybe you've already tried. But, if you HAVE told her how damaging this pattern has become to your peace of mind, and she hasn't respected that, by not involving you... Then maybe you just need to say "No". I know thats probably much easier said then done. As a good daughter, you probably want to comply. But if you don't want to this pattern to continue... One of you has got to break it.... For the sake of you both... And its not lookin' like its gonna be her.
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    Re: Too Expect the Unexpected

    My mom and my sister both have the same problem with their boyfriends. They both always leave and always go back. MY mom finally divorced her husband and stuck to it. But then did the same thing with some new random looser she barely knew.
    I know how hard it is to actually leave someone even if you don't really like them.

    Like peach said telling her how disruptive it is for your life that she comes to you like this (which seems a lot like role reversal because shouldn't YOU be going to her for support not the other way around as much?) And maybe if you tell her just how much it bothers you she will respect your space a little more. If she doesn't explain to her that you are an adult and you don't want to deal with the disruption. And that it is not ok for her to just show up. If she wants to stay with you maybe tell her she has to think about it over night. Unless it's an emergency. And that if she IS going to stay with you she can't come back for a certain amount of time. It all sounds rediculous but sometimes you have to be extreme to get your point across.

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    Re: To Expect the Unexpected

    You don't really need a new mom just a new place she doesn't know about. Hahaha.

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