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Thread: Gibberish

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    Been pretty busy lately. Went on a blind date like 2 weeks ago, that was awkward. I did drink for the first time in years. Last weekend got stuck in a sobriety check on the road, I wasn't drinking then, so it was all good. There was like 10 cops there, it was funny because my and my friend both got the same cop as we drove through. She actually had to get tested to see how much she was drinking, I didn't, I guess I look less suspicious.

    Meh I have been so tired lately, I really don't know what I'm saying half the time. lol I hope other people have been able to understand me.

    And yeah... I got a new phone that has windows operating system. I kinda love my new phone, however I'm afraid of breaking it. It looks so tiny and delicate.

    Oh, and I have another date in 2 weeks which I will have to see how that goes. I think I'm a bit happier on my own, but I think it's really cute when you see that couple who are so good for each other. Guess not everyone can have it all.

    Pssh.... It's really funny people try to lie to me. I think that through the years I've gotten so much better about not trusting people. Like if their reply sounds not logical, it's prolly a lie, or if you call them out on it and they are like "whatever" or if they deny it to the point of life or death. Then you know they did something they won't fess up too.

    I feel like I need to change, or change stuff in my life. Just need to find out what it is that I want to change.

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    Re: Gibberish

    sounds interesting i hope the next dates goes good for you, and i have been on several that ended up kind of fell through because they had problems talking about there last relationship when all i want ti to get to talk with them for dinner and know more about them not the last guy who screwed them over which is very annoying -_-. and i think there is someone for everyone out there but you most have to go through a lot of odd balls before you find the one that feels normal like you didn't even have to question it you just know its right for you. i hope you can find something like that.

    anyway its good to see your still giving it a chance and not completely giving up.
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