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Thread: Heat Wave

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    Heat Wave

    Its been hot here, like almost in the hundreds that past few days. I will walk outside for a minute or two, and my face will turn red its so hot.

    Then whenever I go to work, it's hot! Because I work in a big building with an open floor plan. In the small rooms its pretty cool, however on the open floor plan where most of us work, its hot and miserable. I almost went home early today, because my apartment is very cold, just the way I like it.

    Missouri is very humid, you will stick to everything. It sucks.

    I just need to move somewhere away from the extreme horrible weather.

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    Re: Heat Wave

    I feel your pain Zev cause at my place it's very humid and hot and well when I'm outside I start to sweat a lot and get all sticky but in my house I have three air conditioners so I can stay relaxed inside but that's terrible that you have to go to the open floor plan which is very hot and miserable.

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