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Thread: Hopsital Blues 2

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    Hopsital Blues 2

    Or Hospital Booze 2, lol at Trunks.

    I just spent 4 more days in the hospital, just got released today. Hahaha My doctor asked me if I wanted some anti-depressants because I guess my nurses noted in my chart that I was depressed. I tried to get a hold of my chart to see which one of those nurses wrote it, but they keep it locked up unless they are looking at it.

    Well anyone would be depressed when you feel sick, and all the stupid tests you go through come out normal. I think am taking rather well.

    I did accidentally dumped some of my pills in the trash. My IV got stuck between my bed rails and when I went to go move my IV, my pills fell into the trash. I laughed, but my nurse didn't think it was too funny. I wonder if they thought I did it on purpose.

    I feel kind of bad though, because my mom found out that I was in the hospital last month and I never told her. She gave me this look, like she was about to kill me. And I just couldn't bring myself to tell her I was in the hospital again, she can barely take care of herself she shouldn't have to worry about me.

    My parents are great though, while I was in the hospital my Dad asked me if he could borrow some money and my mom wanted me to lie to a person if they call me, asking questions about her.

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    Re: Hopsital Blues 2

    That's good to hear that your parents are great. Well it happens when parents are really worried about you and that they think something bad is going to happen. That's totally true that when you are depressed and you feel sick and still the tests come out fine.

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