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Thread: I hate people.

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    I hate people.

    Wow, I went outside today and I was attacked by lady bugs. Like they were crawling on my neck, my arms, and I found one crawling on my stomach. I hate bugs, especially when they are touching me!

    As for my car, I think this the last time I go to the dealer ship to fix my car. Like their service its horrible, they were suppose to fix my anit-freeze leak now its progressed to my car holds no anti-freeze and they said they don't have time to look at until Thursday! Now am afraid to drive my own car because I'm not sure what could happen to it. And I asked the freaking repair guy and he kept dodging my question! ERR! He made it sound like it was no big deal, he told me to keep putting anti-freeze in my car, which would be great advice, if all the anti-freeze didn't immediately drain out of my car. He kept making it seem like no big deal, which I think it is. I guess I'm walking to work until Thursday, which just plain sucks.

    Now I'm afraid to go to work because I am really frustrated, being frustrated yourself dealing with angry frustrated people is never good thing.

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    Re: I hate people.

    I'd just find someone else to fix it, in all honesty.

    And did any lady bugs die on you? I heard when ladybugs attach to you and die on you it's supposedly good luck.
    ......... or was it that some loved one was trying to contact you from the grave?
    ................ it was one of those.

    Good luck at work!
    Remember: Though punching someone in the face with make you fired, it really is still satisfying - and a great story to tell.


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    Re: I hate people.

    I remember something about lady bugs and good luck also, though I couldn't say what conditions need to be met.

    Sucks about the car. I love my Explorer, too bad for it I just got an 04 Camry.
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    Re: I hate people.

    ZEVs current mood as expressed through the language of LOLcats.

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