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Thread: I kind of feel bad about it.

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    I kind of feel bad about it.

    Me and my family don't really talk, we are distant and only talk when we have too. So I received a text saying when my Grandpa's funeral was, and I guess I misunderstood it, kinda ended up missing his funeral. When it comes to family, mines shattered torn, and I feel like I just don't fit in. I dislike my Grandma, she doesn't like me, I was at her house for like 8 hours and didn't talk to her once today! My grandpa was pretty cool, going to miss him. Thinking about going to his grave and telling him "Sorry I missed your funeral due to a misunderstanding."

    The dress I ordered didn't even come in time for his funeral, so I went shopping again. Bought a shirt for $30 then got one for .88 cents. Pretty good deal there.

    I ended up just spending the day getting my photo taken and playing card with the relatives that I can actually stand. And eating a lot of food.

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    Re: I kind of feel bad about it.

    im just a kid but i know that everyone misses something important.we all misunderstand things as well.but at least you can visit his grave and apologize.

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    Re: I kind of feel bad about it.

    I am sorry your family situation. May your Grandfather rest in peace.

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