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Thread: Ice Storm

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    Ice Storm

    So yesterday we got like an inch and half in ice. It was pretty bad because it was everywhere. There was a lot of accidents. I can understand why, I had almost no control of my car on the drive home from work, I just slid where ever. Some of my coworkers had their cars in the ditch. Most people didn't even make it home last night.

    My work is kinda petty about that stuff, they didn't want anyone to leave over the ice storm. And they don't have weather days even though its very dangerous to drive on ice. Even when the Highway Safety people were urging people not to drive. They still expected us to stay at work or come to work.

    There is still ice today, I wonder how long it's going to take for it to melt away.

    I hate driving on ice makes me a nervous wreck. Missouri has the worst weather ever.

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    Re: Ice Storm

    Reminds me of this.

    Sorry for your icy days!
    While I may be jealous of other people's snowy days (we don't get snow), I'm not sure if I'd be too jealous of icy roads.

    Keep warm and have extra hot cocoa!

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    Re: Ice Storm

    Ice skate to work?
    na, sounds bad >.< but winter is the best ^_^ ('cept the cold)I guess be thankful you don't live in Alaska?
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