So the big boss, the guy in charge of the whole entire call center got fired. Its a big secret as to why exactly he was fired. However many people believe it was because our center was going down hill the last 6 months, which we used to be at the top compared to other centers.

Which I liked the big boss he was super nice and he was funny. However the only time I saw the guy is at the vending machines and the McDonalds down the street.

You know people at work are tiring me out, they make me walk about half a mile to come help them, they get an error message that says they must change the phone number before changing the area code, and they ask me how to fix it. I'm all like, why don't you change the phone number, then try changing the area code. Its not that complicated, the error message told you the exact same thing as I did. Its like they called me over to read the error message to them!

Then I will have 2 people trying to ask me a question at the same time, when I'm trying to take an escalated call. I'm like a piece of meat surrounded by hungry desperate wolves.

Lol I hurt my hand at work the other day, I was sitting in a chair and I stood up. And some of the chairs are broken when you sit on them they drop down about 5 inches, and when you stand up they pop back up about 5 inches. At first when the chairs did that, I was like wow, am I getting that fat, but no, they do it to everyone.

Anyways, when I went to stand up I had my hand on the arm rest, the chair popped up 5 inches smashing my hand beneath the desk and the arm rest. I yanked my hand out and it took a small piece of my skin with it! Lol so I had an excuse to go make my boss fill out an accident report on it, which was funny. Because they were making fun of me saying "Oh its just a tiny scratch!"

I just want them to remove the freaking broken chairs, so my hand won't hurt anymore!