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Thread: Leave the Past in Boxes

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    Leave the Past in Boxes

    My desktop computer is so fast now, who knew 640 mb of ram could work wonders. I think its a little faster than my laptop now, and that thing is new an fast.

    I just started clicking on random links, because it moves so fast. I'm seriously in shock.

    Anywho, I was watching BrideZilla's today. I love that show, them girls are so mean. One of the brides burned her bridemaid's shoes because they were the wrong color. They were suppose to be black, and the shoes were black and gold. She also made her fiance wear one of her bridesmaid's dresses. That was hilarious, whenever I see a guy wearing a dress, I can't help but laugh.

    I think I unpacked like a box and half today, I'm very proud of myself. Thats a lot for me. I found my creepy pink baby chicken, poor thing got squished in the box with my computer stuff. So I'm going to rip the eye off and re-glue it back on, and hope the fuzzy stuff fluffs back out again. Because I don't think I could find another one.

    Then I looked up all the crimes my mother's boyfriend committed since 1993. There were like 3 pages, I found 3 police reports from when he was beating on my mother. I was looking to see if he had any new warrants out for his arrest, so I could be a good citizen and tell the cops where he is. That man is so horrible, I have hated him ever since he starting hitting on my mother and putting her down by calling her fat, etc. I always wished something bad would happen to him, so far nothing has. Dating criminals is no good. This is why I don't visit my mother, because I hate to look and see the way she is living her life.
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    Re: Leave the Past in Boxes

    I'm sorry about what your Mother is going through. This guy is gonna get what's coming to him, being a Buddhist I believe in karma, so just wait and he'll get what he did to your Mother ten times worse. But you are her daughter, she sort of relies on you for a little reassurance. Even though it may not seem that way, she is probably ashamed of her way of life as well. You must aid your Mother during times like this or else she won't get any sense and worse will happen, God forbid. I think the universe will unfold as it should.

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