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Thread: My Poor Brain

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    My Poor Brain

    When I got to work today, my head felt like someone hit me with a brick or something. I took some pain killers and I still hurt. Then my boss dumped all these reports on me, I'm now in charge of writing scorecards, development plans, and coaching documents. I think it broke my brain. Everything new is hard at first until you get used to it.

    Still am going to try to snag some interviews, so I don't have to do other peoples work and I can focus on my own job.
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    Re: My Poor Brain

    Well I hope your head feels better and honestly your boss dumped all these reports on you and also made you in charge of writing scorecards,development plans and coaching documents which is kind of harsh because your head was hurting really bad the pain killers didn't exactly work and you had to do all the work that your boss had gave you. I have to agree with Zev that having to do new things is definitely hard but when getting used to it, it gets easier.

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