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Thread: Need Some Opinions

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    Need Some Opinions

    I saw this really cute necklace on some girl, then I bought it. I just got it in the mail yesterday. I don't really like it as much as I thought I would.

    I havn't posted a new picture of me in a long time. So what do you guys think of the necklace? Too much? Ugly, return it? Nice?

    Seems brighter and prettier on my couch. Maybe its just my phone takes better pictures that my computer.

    Taken with phone.

    Taken with computer cam.
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    Re: Need Some Opinions

    You're very pretty, by the way. <3

    I think the necklace it's adorable! I love the colors, the originality of the necklace and all the little charms. <3

    Only draw back is that it is so unique that it needs clothing that will compliment it. It's not the type of necklace that can go with everything. I think the shirt you used in the image is fine with it, though. I think it's a keeper.

    Also, I think the necklace looks brighter on the couch because the couch is a darker tone than your skin, so the colors stand out a bit more. xD

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    Re: Need Some Opinions

    Whoa, that is one fugly necklace.
    Although it might work with a female santa costume...

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    Re: Need Some Opinions

    I agree with Nocturne in that it goes with your shirt. But personally, I don't really like it. There're just so many coloured ornament things on it that it makes it look cluttered.

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