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Thread: New Discoveries

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    New Discoveries

    I had like a little leadership training a few weeks ago. I needed it, am such a follower. I still suck at being a leader as someone kindly pointed out the other day. There are a couple of guys at my work who... well... its hard to explain. I guess they think they are acting cool and like they are "the man" by not listening to what I tell them to do. I am a laid back kinda person, I don't care what is said or what happens as long as the job gets done.

    It's hard for me to act like a happy person trying to push people to do the best they can. Like they said good leaders do. I say nice things, in my mind I'm thinking epic fail.

    Otherwise that, I think I have a date tomorrow. I am not sure if this is a good idea and if it will even turn out very well. Plus, am enjoying my alone time. And I have to like fall clean out my apartment because I still havn't unpacked everything, and I bought a whole bunch of new stuff so I can toss the old stuff.

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    Re: New Discoveries

    People always spring clean.... I've always thought fall cleaning made just as much sense. Get 'er done before your trapped in it to make a mess all winter.

    You also seem to excel in your workplaces from what you report in your journals. Being laid back... could just be an affective way to lead.
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