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Thread: Once Upon a Time

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    Once Upon a Time

    I found my old journal, wrote in it back in 2005. I liked the old me better, I was funnier, more interesting, and a whole lot nicer. I'm not too sure what the hell happened to me, because I've surely changed and I have only gone downhill since then. I think my job and the stress of growing up just turned me bitter, and all blah. Like I feel like am fading into the darkness, I think most people are stupid, I don't care about the whole world, just the pieces of my small world. A lot of people tend to think am a horrible person, I guess they just don't understand. Or I am just a horrible person.

    Anywho, am getting my fair share of karma back because my bosses are driving me crazy. They are so freaking unorganized and for a kinda OCD person like me, its hard to take. They also make stupid rules, just to stress you out more. Like when I sit at my desk, waiting to take a call, I can't read, write, look at a magazine, I just can't do anything because they say its not "productive". Whenever I do those things it takes my mind away from the customers problems, now am just going to be stressed out and snap one day. Now when I sit at my desk and wait for a call, I do nothing, which I guess is more productive? Since my bosses don't take calls, they don't understand this fact. They also don't have to time to listen to the people beneath them, apparently. I can name a whole bunch of issues and how to make them better, they just won't listen. I guess they don't care that a "happy worker" works the best. And thats whats ruining the company whether my bosses can see that or not.

    I try to look at the bright side in this case, I can't seem to find one.

    Hahaha it was funny because my bosses wondered why they had such a poor attendance rate lately.

    I'm just stressed out right now, and I needed to say this stuff.

    Do you guys ever run across ridicules rules at your job?
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    Re: Once Upon a Time

    Every work has ridiculous rukes, and government there are more than any.

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