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Thread: Post Office Wars

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    Post Office Wars

    OMGosh! I have had a letter in my mail box since Monday morning, and its still in there. As far as I know this Monday and Tuesday have not been a holiday, so why is my mail not going anywhere. Plus am waiting on an important letter than should have arrived a while ago. So tomorrow I'm going to wake up early, when I say early I mean Noon to go call the post office and see whats up with my mail. Its kinda making me angry. So this means war, because I don't want to harass the post office, however since they are slacking and I have to wake up early to call them its not going to be pretty.

    At work, this new girl gave a customer a $75 credit, for nothing! I was like why? She said it was for her inconvenience of her plan error. Thats not going to go over well... she didn't even fix the customers issue. Its like I have to do everything. I'm so tired of crediting peoples accounts, I think out of all the escalations I took today, I credited maybe $20 bucks today if that.
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