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Thread: Stress is Killing Me!

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    Stress is Killing Me!

    Omgosh I don't know how much more I can take. This has been the worst two months of my life. I've been sick, in and out of the hospital. No one knows whats wrong with me. Nothing is going my way.

    Now I learned today that they don't need as many people anymore. So they are going to layoff hundred employees, even though they are still hiring new employees. That makes no sense. Then they are going to demote 9 members of management. The worst part is, that they don't know how they are going to determine whos getting demoted/layed off, and they are going to keep us waiting for weeks.

    I'm worried.

    Life is so uncertain, and being a grown up sucks.

    Plus I have some psycho guy that won't get the freaking message that I don't like him. I havn't talked to him in over a month now, and he texts me everyday saying something like " I miss your smile, text me soon." Or "I drove by your place several times, just checking up on you."

    I think am just going to snap someday soon because the universe is out to get me. My doctor offered me anti-depressants, maybe I should have taken him up on that offer.

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    Re: Stress is Killing Me!

    I'm sorry you are going through so much, Zev.
    I understand how it feels to be afraid about getting laid off. I lost my job, but I had to wait two months to find out who would go. -_-

    I hope you are able to find out what's wrong with you as far as your health goes O.O

    And what is with the stalker O.o; That's... very unsettling. Have you talked to anyone about it?

    I hope things get better Zev If you need a kind ear I'm a good listener. Or, reader in this case ^.^

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    Re: Stress is Killing Me!

    Being a grown up is tough. Don't worry, keep the faith, and just be the best you can be. Easier said than done, I know, and it's probably not the first thing you wanted to hear. But I'm sure you can get through it. Someday when your look back at the hardships of your life and see how far you've come, you can say, "Ya, it was tough, but I got through it and I'm still here."

    I agree with Spiky that you might want to talk to someone about that stalker guy. And if you need to vent, then vent; I'll listen (as will Spike's Rose).

    I really hope things start lookin' up for you.

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    Re: Stress is Killing Me!

    i know how that feels Zev specially where some guy doesnt take no for an answer and that part about work. there will be better days ....
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    Re: Stress is Killing Me!

    Jesus still loves you, Zev!

    hard times hopefully hammer us to make the good days better, so much better days will be heading your way soon!

    :S you might want to let the cops know about that guy though, he's starting to get creepy

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    Re: Stress is Killing Me!

    Zev you should really avoid that stalker cause he has serious issues. I hope you have more pleasant days then bad days.

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