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Thread: Tissues for my issues.

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    Tissues for my issues.

    What am I up to lately? I'm just trying to organize my life. You know pick of the pieces, find a path to go down. I actually bought a book, called the life path journal or something like that, not too keen on book names. Its suppose to help you organize your life and help you find out what the most important things are to each individual. I havn't read much of the book and I have had it for 3 months, I intended to go through the chapters. I just have issues I suppose.

    My computer room is full of boxes from my online shopping addiction. Tomorrow I plan to go outside and burn the boxes so I will have my computer room back again.

    I ditched my old hair straightener, it was making me mad. Like it would shut off by itself, took me forever to straighten my hair. I love my new one its light weight, makes my hair soft and shiny and takes no time at all to straighten my hair. People now comment on my hair all the time, makes me feel pretty good. I was a little afraid of buying this straightener because I hadn't heard of the brand before, it was one of the top 10 best straighteners on a few websites and now I can see why.

    My place is getting really clean. People keep making me mad at work or people that just come into my life uninvited. I usually clean things to ease the frustrations of life, my bathroom got it first, next it my be my kitchen.

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    Re: Tissues for my issues.

    Envy that "get mad and clean" thing many people seem to have. I am the complete opposite. And not cleaning is one of my bigger life issues. I have had plenty to be frustrated about, so transferring that frustration into cleaning energy would be a useful trait.

    As far as your book is concerned, I bet its safe to say book reading isn't up there with one of your "most important things".
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    Re: Tissues for my issues.

    Hey, when I get mad or depressed, my place just gets messier and messier, at least you have a good way to cope with things.
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    Re: Tissues for my issues.

    So each life has down fall Zev cheer up you will pull though

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    Re: Tissues for my issues.

    Sounds like you are on tough times but take heart, the pendulum is due to swing the opposite way. For there is no shadow where there is not also light.

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