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Thread: Totally Honored

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    Totally Honored

    Someone asked me to be there back up bridesmaid, I was pretty honored because I only met the girl once. I more friends with the groom. If her other friend doesn't contact her, then am in! lol

    I just like weddings, its a happy celebration with cake and champagne.

    I know 3 people who are getting married in October. Everyones getting married except me! Gah.

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    Re: Totally Honored

    it's okay, the more people you know, the more come to your wedding!
    and the happier/more presents you get!
    plus, now they HAVE to go cuz you went to their's!
    it's a great circle!

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    Re: Totally Honored

    No worries, I'm not married, either. Enjoy being single while you still are. You've got a lot of freedom.

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    Re: Totally Honored

    Im goin to a wedding this weekend, and just went to one a month or so ago. Its crazy.... love is in the air.... just not where I'm sitting.

    Back up bridesmaid tho? How do you ask someone to be a spare? Kinda awkward... but nice....
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    Re: Totally Honored

    I'm astonished that you only met her once and you are going to be back up bridesmaid and when you attend a lot of weddings in the most cases when your about to get married the people that were in the wedding that you attended will go to your wedding.

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